Packing dance bags may not be as easy as it seems. Dance lessons tend to require something more than just dance wear and dance shoes, so it is good to make a list before going to the first dance lesson. And no matter if it is tap dance or ballet, some items are just necessary for practice sessions.

First of all, it is crucial to pick a proper dance bag. It should be big, since chances are high that it needs to be able to hold a lot of different pieces of clothing. High quality dance bags are durable and large. It is also wise to buy a bag with a lot of pockets. It is important to note that big bags can be stylish. Thousands of people buy fashionable dance bags, fashion designers produce more and more of them, and they now have something as a cult status in the world of fashion, so finding a pretty dance bag should not be hard.

Second, it is a well-known fact that sometimes practice sessions start later than expected. So it may be a great idea to keep something in dance bags that can keep one busy. It may be something to read like the latest novel or a magazine. It also may be nice to keep a video game or a crossword book. It even may be a laptop or a tablet computer. Waiting is probably the most uninteresting part of any practice session and nobody likes to hang around for an hour doing nothing. So it is good to think about entertaining in case the instructor is late or busy.

The most important part is still dance equipment, however. Ballet dancers need to carry ballet pumps or pointe shoes, leggings, dance tutus and leotards. It is worth noting that ballet clothing is normally very delicate, so an additional drawer is likely to be needed for it. Jazz dancers need jazz pants, leotards and special jazz shoes. Tap dancers need to carry their tap shoes properly. In case the space in the regular dance bag is not enough, there are plenty of special dance bags for tutus or shoes being sold at a moderate price. It is also possible to buy travel bags or ultra-light rucksacks in case of intensive touring.

Besides clothing, it is also nice to carry some other items in dance bags. For example, a few water bottles are a must for any intensive practice session. Girls may also need make-up removing wipes, regular wipes, hair ties, hair nets, hairsprays and hairbands to secure good looks no matter what. And everybody needs to carry hairbrushes and deodorants for obvious reasons. Dancers, especially ballerinas also need plasters, toe tapes for blisters and a small medical kit in case of a bad twist.

Certainly, creative minds may add something to that list. After all, packing dance bags is personal. Nevertheless, this list may help those unsure about what they need at practice sessions. Certainly, in this case it may be a wonderful idea to consult dance instructors or more experienced dancers before packing. But all in all this short list may be of some help.

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