On January 3, 2011, dancers gather at Trafalgar Square (London, England) in attempt to establish a world record on the largest burlesque dance. Reportedly, dance troop composed by staffs of Virgin Holiday and burlesque enthusiasts took part in the five-minute performance as a part of publicity stunt held by an airline.


Burlesque verse and prose was popularized in Britain in the 14th century thanks to Geoffrey Chaucer\’s satirical The Canterbury Tales. Until the early 16th century, burlesque initially referred as musical works which combined both comic and serious elements. This kind of dramatic productions gained popularity in Britain in the late 19th century. Middle class in society often pursuit these burlesque arts in such particular theatres including the Gaiety and the Olympic. Nowadays, burlesque becomes more and more popular thanks to its fun and the rise of burlesque era in fashion.


The burlesque event in London is considered the historical dance performance with over 100 women stepping in London\’s Trafalgar Square. These dancers don in colorful dress, slinky fishnets, stiletto heels and lacy corsets in attempt to break the record of largest burlesque number. The London\’s mass burlesque is being led by burlesque dancer Kimberley Dunne, who is known as Kimberley Holladay on stages.


The 24-year-old dancer Kimberley Dunne takes central place in front of the National Gallery during the World\’s Largest Burlesque Dances in London.


Kimberley Dunne and other dancers pose for photographers at London\’s Trafalgar Square


With the huge number of dancers, this Burlesque Dance is expected to break the record of world’s largest burlesque dance.


Burlesque enthusiasts are seen walking in the streets of London.


Kimberley Dunne is the leader of the dancing group.


The dancers don in red dresses, stockings and corsets.


The scantily-clad troupe is made up with over 100 women from Virgin Holiday and burlesque enthusiasts.


The burlesque dance led by Kimberley Dunne is shot during the photocall in central London. This event is to launch Virgin Holidays’ January sale.



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