Angels in the Bathtub

Sky is the color of figs soon to be the color of pigs-that pretty pink polluted color of a new day. It is dawn, early morning and Steven and Devon are awake and stare at the bright light of sunlight coming up like a fist unfolding through the open blinds. The reflections of angels from the wallpaper dance on the walls. There are Fruit Loops in the cabinet, milk in the fridge; Devon thinks that this is what she”ll eat once she can get herself out of bed. Steven is angry. He is angry all the time these times. He feels elated then angry, happy then angry; numb, angry. Nothing-angry. Why is he so angry? Trapped might be a way to explain away his anger. In this way: a relationship with someone lasting longer than he had expected. Expecting more from a relationship than can be offered. Expecting in itself of something and getting nothing as he”s expected back. Angels in the Bathtub paints an intimate portrait of one year in the relationship of Steven and Devon. It is their time together at school and at work, through friendships and crisis. They discover what they can give and what they can get. Ultimately, Steven and Devon must find their own place in the world as time passes.

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