Aquapets are the only cute, collectible interactive characters that come to life and dance in water! Cute, portable and affordable – these floating three-dimensional figures are cherished by girls ages 6 and up. Each thumb-sized character has its own look, sounds and songs and lives inside a raindrop-shaped case. The creatures come alive when kids, or other Aquapets, interact with them. Each character replies with movement and melody. The more you play with your Aquapets, the more songs they will perform and the livelier they’ll become. Talk to your Aquapets, or engage them in one of three new interactive games: Memory Moov(a memory-building sequence game) Aqua Speed (a fast-paced reflex challenge Bubble Boogie (a fun and silly way to make your mini marionette dance) Place two or more Aquapets together for an AquaParty and the buoyant buddies will dance, chirp and converse with each other. Each energetic character has a sleep function, because even the most interactive friends need to rest.

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