Farm-Back Rogether Now-Live

This incredible performance was filmed at Brixton Academy in London on March 26, 2005 – their first gig in 10 years! The DVD also includes behind-the-scenes unreleased footage at L.I.P.A. Rehearsal Rooms in Liverpool from August 23, 2005. The Farm was formed in Liverpool in 1983 by singer Peter Hooton, guitarist Stevie Grimes, bassist Phil Strongman and drummer Andy McVann. They featured a horn-heavy sound and leftist identity, eventually being labeled the Soul of Socialism . In the 90s, they took on a strong dance element and suddenly found themselves aligned with the club culture movement. Their most successful songs, including All Together Now, blossomed in this era.Includes the live tracks Stepping Stone, How Long, Hearts & Minds, Groovy Train, Family of Man, Love See No Colour, Mind, Altogether Now, Don’t Let Me Down, Very Emotional, Higher & Higher, and Sweet Exploration.

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