Filthy Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives – 8 oz Jar

Make your martini a dirty delight with the savory succulence of these Filthy Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives! These large queen olives are an A-plus addition to any cocktail enthusiasts garnish gameplan or a solid snack time option. Each one is stuffed with the creamy goodness of premium Wisconsin blue cheese and steeped in an oil-free brine that brings a little salty kick to the dance floor of your tongue. O-live a little why don’t ya? Put a smile on your face with the premium taste experience of Filthy’s blue cheese stuffed olives! In stock and ready to ship. Features: Ideal as a premium cocktail garnish or just as a snack. Made with large, fleshy queen olives. Filled with rich, real sharp Wisconsin premium blue cheese and bathed in an oil free ‘Filthy’ brine. Specs: Size: 8 oz.

Price: $ 10.95
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