Instruction Manual for the Not Theory: A Mathematical Mistake

The Not Theory raises the question, How can one be free from intellectual constraints? It then gives a basic, elementary response and reasoning. This begs the question, Is it correct? You will not find the answer here. Instead, the book is an instruction manual/preparation guide/workbook for testing the Not Theory: a structure to bring together a group of 7 artists (from any medium) to create an art project of any kind (i.e. a series of paintings, sculptures, poems, photographs, a video, theater, dance, multi-media project, etc.) It is broken down into three phases: Constraints (X), Destruction (Adding Y to X), and Freedom. The group must experience Phase I together, in the format given. However, Phase II and III cannot be forced onto the group. They must choose to continue testing the theory. Last question: Is freedom possible? It is up to you to determine.

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