Let It Enfold You(cd/dvd)(w/ Bonus DVD)

The band’s full-length debut, Let It Enfold You, is a melodic and an emotionally revealing slugfest that dives into unusual and refreshing subject matter. The title track is named after a poem by nihilistic author and poet Charles Bukowski, The Irony of Dying on Your Birthday draws from the work of mythologist Joseph Campbell and the lyrics of Slow Dance are comprised of lines from Dao De Jing.I was really into Daoism for a while and I really to write a song explaining what it was about – the ideaof living a pacifist path. You let things come and you let things go. You don’t get overexcited or overly upset. I’m a very emotional guy. I’m either really upset or really happy. There’s no in between. So I’m always tryin to find that middle ground where I can be happy. Fourtunately, Senses Fail’s brains are matched by their brawn. Let It Enfold You is a powerful, inviting and triumphant manifesto of youthful energy and turmoil. From the tumbling rhythms and piercing guitar fill of the storming Tie Her Down to the tuneful vocal harmonies and blood-chilling screams of You’re Cute When You Scream to the surging, stop-start rhythms and pointed vocals of Bite To Break Skin the band delivers with the consistency and power of veterans, not an outfit that has only been around since 2002.

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