On The Move Munchkins: parent And Todd

HAC1004: Yoga, Pilates, sign-language and learning fun for all ages. Doctor recommended to help tots and parents become healthier in mind, body and spirit. We have created On-the-Move-Munchkins to help you carve out a bit of order in your life and carve and sculpt your body while enjoying and enhancing your cutie pie’s new found motor skills. Between the workout circuits learn sign language, get out your sillies, laugh and have fun as you learn dance moves, sing songs, and help toddler with his/her own yoga and Pilates exercises. Finish with the cool down and cuddle time that incorporates massage and relaxation techniques. Features: -DVD. Benefits to moms and dads: -Increase energy levels. -Tone and sculpt arms, thighs, rear and abdominals. -Improve spinal and core stability. -Increase cardio endurance. -Burn calories. -Quality time with toddler. Benefits to munchkins: -Enhance motor development. -Build strong bones. -Gain strength and flexibility. -Increase self-esteem. -Learn names, sounds, numbers and letters. -Stimulate speech and language development. -Testimonial: The On-the-Move Munchkins DVD not only involves the child in the parent’s fitness, but also instills the idea that exercising is fun early in a child’s development. This is an important factor in preventing childhood obesity. – Dr. J. Gary Dela Cruz MD, Board Certified, American Board of Pediatrics.

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