See You On The Other Side

One of the finest and most consistently creative rock bands around, Mercury Rev meld ’60s psychedelia, indie aggression, folk/pop melodicism, and epic sonic experimentation on the order of My Bloody Valentine to achieve a singular, deliciously satisfying, and endlessly engaging hybrid. See You On The Other Side finds the band in characteristically inventive form. Mercury Rev can do it all, their music combining a dose of Pink Floyd’s kookiness with SGT. PEPPER-esque carnival embellishment, pure confectionery pop, punk energy, and splashes of avant-garde color. See You On The Other Side, the group’s third album, encompasses rock & roll nirvana (Young Man’s Stride), acid-dipped cartoon pop (Everlasting Arm), space-age slacker anthems (Racing The Tide), techno-tinged dance grooves (Close Encounters of the 3rd Grade), and blues that sound like music made by asylum inmates (Peaceful Night). This is exploratory pop music of the finest sort. Track Listing 1. Empire State – (studio) 2. Young Mans Stride – (studio) 3. Sudden Ray Of Hope – (studio) 4. Everlasting Arm – (studio) 5. Racing The Tide – (studio) 6. Close Encounters Of The 3rd Grade – (studio) 7. Kiss From An Old Flame – (studio) 8. Peaceful Night – (studio)

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