Speed Lovers/Thunder in Dixie

Speedsploitation! Punk kid Scott Clayton wants to be a racing champ despite having zero racing experience. Getting no help from real-life champ Fred Lorenzen, or from his own father, Lorenzen’s head mechanic, the ambitious young boy with a chip on his shoulder tries to drive for Vanessa Hamilton’s team. But since Vanessa would rather snag Lorenzen than dumb Scott, she hopes to pressure Scott’s dad by setting the kid up with oddball gangster Pinkerton Bentley and his bikini clad collection of playthings. With a healthy emphasis on music, ’60s go-go gals, and racing-car smash-ups, The Speed Lovers is a wild and wacky one-man regional rarity – Filmed in Speedcolor! Plus: Blaming former best friend Mickey Arnold for the accident that killed his fiancee, stock-car jockey Ticker Welsh goes head to head with him at the Dixie 400 – a grueling 400-mile race with instant death – to settle old scores and raise some serious Thunder in Dixie! Hard boiled and surprisingly intense, this revved-up actioner also features a log-cabin nightclub where stripper Sheri Benet does her exotically famous chichi dance! So if you’re on the wagon and your tailpipe’s a-draggin’ these two rubber-burning mini-classics will strip your gears and pop your clutch! Vroooooooooooooom. System Requirements: Running Time 155 Mins. Format: DVD MOVIE

Price: $ 9.98
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