The Jump Manual Is Converting Like Crazy!
The Jump Manual Is Converting Like Crazy!
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The Jump Manual Is Converting Like Crazy!

Twerk Tutorial – A Tale Of Two Twerkers. 60% Commissions Paid!
Twerk Tutorial - A Tale Of Two Twerkers. 60% Commissions Paid!
We Pay 60 Percent Commissions! Fundamentals Of Twerking Explained Step-by-step In An Action Packed 1 Hour Dvd. Stay Current With These Must Know Dance Moves: Doggy Twerk, Da Dirty Booty, Wall Twerk, Thigh Clap, Butterflap Twerk, Hand Placements.
Twerk Tutorial – A Tale Of Two Twerkers. 60% Commissions Paid!

For dance fans across the world, the energetic and powerful performances displayed on the BBC TV series Strictly Come Dancing have delighted audiences everywhere. Whilst many people will be content to sit at home and watch with awe as the couples go about their routines, others may be inspired to dance themselves.
The format of Strictly Come Dancing is simple a celebrity is paired with a professional dancer, and together they will compete against other couples. The celebrities will probably have little if any dancing experiences and, aided by their partner, will attempt to learn the moves in time for a live Saturday night broadcast.
The dances performed by the contestants will usually be forms of ballroom dancing, and to reflect this the show takes its name by combining the title of the Australian film and play Strictly Ballroom by Baz Luhrmann with the BBCs earlier televisions series Come Dancing, the long running ballroom dancing competition which was shown on and off from 1949 until 1998.
For people viewing at home, watching the celebrities, aided by their professional counterparts, could be as discouraging as it is encouraging. On one hand we are able to see how the different dances are performed, were able to see how well the celebrities take to each move, watch them start with no experience to perform fantastic and stunning routines on a Saturday night. But on the other hand were able to see just how complicated each routine is.
If you feel inspired by the television show and want to pick up some of the moves yourself, the easiest way to learn how to dance is to enrol in a dance school and undertake dance lessons. Here, not only will you be aided by professionals and taught each move properly; you will be able to experience your passion with other likeminded people. Karen Hardy, one of the professional dancers (and winners) from Strictly Come Dancing, has started her own London Dance School which provides people with specialised Strictly Come Dancing lessons, taught by instructors she has hand picked or trained herself.
Some people may be shy about performing in front of other people but rest assured, not only will the other participants be at a similar level, you could alternatively consider trying private dancing tuition. Private tuition will simply involve you and your instructor so you dont need to feel embarrassed whilst learning in front of other people.
No matter your age or your size, everyone can enjoy dancing and Strictly Come Dancing has simply helped boost the profile of what is already a well loved and widely appreciated past time. It doesnt matter who you are, dont just watch the show take part and learn to dance!

London Dance School

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Michael Joseph Jackson, born on the 29th of Aug 1958, died on the 25th of June 2009 was a legend in his time and will always be an icon for pop music and dance. He is well known all through the world for his famous moves and many have even compared him to the legendary Fred Astaire. He was one of the greatest icons in the world of dance. Some of his amazing dance moves were the moonwalk and the robotic dance, which had rocked the world. Today, even after his death, millions of people all around the world still want to know, how to move like Michael Jackson. This year in the month of December, a game named “Michael Jackson Experience” has been released where the fans can recreate the pop star’s famous dance moves.

For a person who wants to learn Michael Jackson dancing style, it is essential to keep the moves sharp and strong. Though many of his state-of-the-art moves look very intricate, these are basically simple. The only thing a person needs is the technique. When one wants to appear like Michael Jackson, he should acquire a style just like him. One of the best ways to absorb his style is watching video clips of his moves. Some of his super hit moves from all the different phases of his career are Smooth, Criminal, Thriller, Bad, and so on. If one can acquire the dancing style, then for him the puzzle of “how to dance like Michael Jackson” becomes a piece of cake.

Many of Michael Jackson’s steps are deceptively simple (like moon walking and spinning on a dime aside), and the main key to thrilling any audience with them is to make them sharp. One doesn’t have to be a professional dancer to learn Michael Jackson’s moves. Only watching the music videos and picking out a few steps for practice would be enough. However, for learning it perfectly, one may need some professional help from a trained instructor. All you need is the confidence that you can also learn to dance like Michael Jackson.

Are you looking for the most amazing tutorials to help you know and learn how to dance like Michael Jackson? Then look no further than Anthony King is one of the most proficient dance instructors and has choreographed a lot of successful performers and celebrities. He is also a dance teacher at the world famous Pineapple Dance Studios. There can be a no better dance teacher than him. So, with his help learn how to dance like Michael Jackson.

Millions of dance enthusiasts try learn to dance like the King of Pop, but his style is not easy to master. To get more information, visit

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