龍飛鳳舞 Dragon Dance Ep 178

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Watch the full group dance, Amber Alert, from Episode 31 (Hollywood Here We Come, Part 2) of Dance Moms Season 4. Subscribe for more Dance Moms: http://bit.l…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

33 Responses to 龍飛鳳舞 Dragon Dance Ep 178

  • TACOPYable says:

    真心的覺得把飛龍在天放在這時段重播 我看收視率都比龍飛鳳舞好
    改成這樣連主角都不見了 動不動就在偷漢子 現在的編劇到底在編什麼真的讓人看不懂

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  • 惡人看在眼裡一字都不必多說,時時刻刻用心提醒自己的所作所為 says:

    平時看通文師父 講話都輕鬆自在 她自己也覺得快樂 感覺她是演屬於快樂型得 所以她一直保持快樂型態
    然後有些對方都會覺得她在胡言亂語 (那是因為聽不懂佛法 也不懂其中得道理)
    但現在通文師父 他這下可有趣了 因為她現在開始著急 緊張的 雖然她一人演兩角 但還是有許多有趣的地方 沒何不可阿, 多少還是會有人反對一人演兩角
    一人的演技 手段 沒有多少 所以一人演兩角 這都很正常
    演員沒有多到 演不同的手段 幾乎都是固定的演員 看 前幾個八點檔就知道 有看前面 前幾個 戲劇的都會知道 演員幾乎都只固定這些。 前幾個八點檔: 愛
    、娘家、父與子、風水世家、現在這龍飛鳳舞 到這齣戲 演員幾乎沒什麼改 所以希望會在意演兩角得觀眾們,無須太過在意

  • 民視戲劇頻道 FTVDRAMA says:
  • 惡人看在眼裡一字都不必多說,時時刻刻用心提醒自己的所作所為 says:

    家明 最後面那階段 , 講了可真多得佛法,不懂得人 當然聽 / 看得一頭霧水 甚至會覺得是在胡言亂語,但依然必有其中的道理在,果真人生要學習的事物

  • 惡人看在眼裡一字都不必多說,時時刻刻用心提醒自己的所作所為 says:

    麗君不久前 不是已得了絕症嗎 ,就算以毒攻毒 真的能治好麗君的絕症嗎 感覺麗君他現在應該是完全治好了 從以前就很好奇
    絕症真的能以毒攻毒的方式治癒絕症嗎 ( ? ) 還是未必呢 應該是要看絕症得病情

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  • love52099 says:

    龍飛鳳舞真好看 主角演技真棒

  • Wendy Lee says:
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  • gina x says:

    This dance was really good but I really felt the fact that Brooke & Paige
    were missing. Paige would’ve been stunning & Brooke could’ve been the
    feature. But they still did good 

  • jazmine castillo says:

    Why was nia the main kidnapper? Idk if I’m the only one who sensed

  • SoJustCool says:

    Maddie showed some good character in this episode…not only on stage. She
    didn’t steal any of the girls solos at nationals. Kudos. Yes I have thought
    she was a bit of a cocky brat before at times.

  • JupiHornet says:

    Good lord, the end of this dance is pure Nightmare Fuel O_o
    I don’t know, something about the lack of music and Maddie not knowing
    McKenzie’s dead at first just bothers me. It’s strange because I wasn’t
    bothered in the slightest by “The Last Text.”

  • Samar Khan says:

    That last part with Maddie’s acting gave me chills. Mackenzie’s acting
    skills were great as well, she has come so far, she is hot on her sister’s

  • Kelsey Elizabeth says:

    Mmmkay, so this is what I THINK is going on…
    Maddie and Mackenzie are sisters (in the dance), Chloe (because she’s the
    first to introduce Mackenzie) introduces them to a a bad crowd, where they
    meet the kidnapper (Nia, and the rest of the girls are the bad crowd), so
    then Mackenzie gets kidnapped by them and they all kill her and Maddie
    finds her.
    Maybe? I dunno, some of this dance I don’t really get. It’s pretty though.

  • Lisa Murphy says:

    That was the most intense dance they had yet…it was really good….i just
    didnt like the costumes that much

  • LavenousForever says:

    I feel like I have heard this song somewhere. Have I just heard it, or is
    it actually from something?

  • precious emeagi says:

    Everyone things that Abby made up the choreography when she really don’t
    it is gianna and john that makes it up she takes credit for it.

  • • Bᴀᴅ Mᴀᴄʜɪɴᴇ • says:

    damn that gave me chills o.o Acting on everyone’s part was stunning <3.
    Did they win?

  • morgan hairston says:

    Man maddie is a good acttress and a good dancer but man that dance is good
    thats how i would be butmi would be speechless and i would blame myself
    forever if that was my little brother beacause ii hate him but u know u
    always love him and i would just blame myself because i was playing wit him
    when he got taken away but u know pare ts always say its not ur fault i
    would just keep blaming tmyself like if u agree

  • Gia B says:

    I get the dance sort of. Amber Alert when someone gets kidnapped on your
    phone it sends an amber alert. Mackenzie got kidnapped from her
    sister/mother so it sent an amber alert.

  • Olivia Lorincz says:

    Why is Sarah M in this number?????

  • Dalton Goudy says:

    “Touch” by Lights Fade Low

  • Pandagirl1030 says:

    Can someone please explain this dance. I think I understand. Mckenzie is
    kidnapped and dies at the hands of her kipnapper. But I just wanna make

  • Selena Marie is my love:) says:

    Love this dance! I love when the ALDC does dances like this (Where Did All
    The Children Go, The Last Text, Children with Guns, ect.) I think they are
    so powerful!!

  • Presley Shea says:

    Of course they have Maddie and Mackenzie center and in most of it. the
    other girls were basically treated like background dancers! It makes me
    angry seeing how none of the other girls get any attention. It’s all Maddie
    and Mackenzie!

  • spinningincirclezzz says:

    I did actually cry during this, really glad candy apples didn’t take away
    chandelier from Maddie.


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