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25 Responses to 시크릿(SECRET) – I’m In Love 안무영상(Dance Practice)

  • Shiela Omalza says:

    I don’t know why but I prefer Hana’s body over Hyosung’s. Hyosung’s chest
    is a bit…fake? lol. idk, maybe because it’s bigger than usual :/
    I really love the dance. especially Hana’s part at 0:46. JiEun and Sunhwa
    should at least gain weight. they’re so skinny :(

  • CookiieDOLL says:

    Hyosung unni, we all already know that you’re the ‘IT girl’ but i think you
    will break your back if you keep ‘forcing sexy’ I tried to focus on other
    members but you keep popping out of nowhere with your OVERLY forced
    moves..there really isn’t any need, just do how you normally do.

  • MatthieuEverett says:

    I find it odd. During Goodnight Kiss Hyosung wasn’t THIS ENERGETIC. Her
    backup dancers stole the spotlight. Here she’s really going over the top
    with hair flips while literally the rest are just dancing their asses off
    effortlessly and being sexy without trying.

    I get she’s the “ideal” sexiest member considering Western standards but
    she’s already a popular member of the group.

    Oh well great choreography anyhow…just less backup dancers ok tS?

  • Zen Kelbin says:

    Don’t u think this is way TOO much backup dancers? From Talk that to
    Goodnight kiss now this. TS is truly dancer greedy

  • Noegard says:

    Sunhwa is too skinny 🙁 it looks slightly disturbing already… Hope she’s
    not dick :/

  • lovebabeslol says:

    Hyosung SHOULD be role model for other girl group not to OVERDIET! that
    they can be pretty, sexy n gorgeous without being skinny like zombie! I
    WANT ALL COMPANY in korea read this lol -_- but sadly nobody cares…
    damn… it’s ok for them to diet but what they didn’t know that there are
    limit to diet, each person have their own ideal weight which most k-pop
    girls don’t even know and they keep dieting until they drop and
    hospitalized, just like Goo Hara from KARA, its very SAD to see them suffer
    just because they think skinny = pretty, which is not! i personally give
    those girls my biggest salute everytime they make a comeback, because they
    have to endure such tight diet but still have to undergo tight schedule,
    intense training and stuff, but the company should be considerate about
    their female artist health, not just telling them to diet and diet without
    concern about daily supplement intake which body need to maintain its
    health. I just can hope and wish my beloved k-pop girls all best health and
    fit body.

  • Cun Ramon Nguyen | Waiting.... says:

    they’re all bare faced right?

  • Lloyd Hughes says:

    What are their names? I already know Hyosung is the one in the orange
    shorts but what about the others? 

  • TygerBlueEyes says:

    Oh well, I was hoping for something else…guess this will have to do.

  • AlyssaKpop17 says:

    For once id like to watch something involving girl groups without people
    picking apart their bodies/appearance. They’re too fat, too skinny, their
    boobs are too big, their boobs are too small, they look fake, they look
    ugly. Seriously girls just can’t win and so many of these comments are
    coming from girls! Like this would be happening if this were a boy group.
    For once I’d like to comment on how awesome a dance is or how pretty
    someone looks but I always find myself having to defend girl groups
    instead. The things people say and the way girls are treated is so fucking
    wrong and people need to realize this. Secret killed this dance, did an
    amazing job, and look so beautiful. Get it through your head that THEY DO

  • Angelica Rolls says:

    This is the reason why I love Secret. They’re dancing is absolutely
    flawless and drop dead gorgeous. I’ve been a fan since Poison and I love
    every single comeback they have. Plus, Secret is super versatile because
    they can pull off the cute and sexy concept perfectly :)

  • Jing Liu says:

    Oh, Sunhwa is so skinny. They show there almost bare face in this video?
    These girls are all beautiful! Let’s watch more times of their music video
    on TSENT channel OK. If the views manage to get 1M, they will release a
    special version! I really want to see the special MV! Fighting, Secret

  • Life is Gook says:

    All of the male secret fans will be busy tonight.

  • Neha Mathai says:

    Just noticed when Sunhwa came into the front that she had a bareface and
    she looks stuuning they all do. They’ve worked hard in this song and theor
    effort comes through. Secret hwaiting :D

  • H Ng says:

    Even when Hana had more weight on she was not noticed. Ppl called her fat
    and ugly, now she changed her face and lost weight, people called her out
    for losing weight and PS. People r never satisfied. Idols should know
    better it is not just about the body nor the face, it is about the
    likable-ness and the confidence that catch people’ attention beside the
    talents. Like Hyorin, she is not pretty but her confidence and aura always
    stood out, I do not think it is just her voice nor her body becoz not all
    vocalists in girlgroups are the most popular, and Soyu obviously has a
    better body. This is also how companies chose which member to put in center
    of each group. When Secret debut with IWYB, Hyosung was not the center.
    Even in Magic she did not have many screentime too. But she caught
    attention, that is why TS starts to focus more on her . It is not about her
    boobs, her boobs are big in IWYB too.

  • Yong Elf says:

    Love this. All of the members are good but i know hyosung shine the most.
    I am glad to see them doing dance practise without those heavy makeup, i
    have seen most of the groups wearing makeup in dance practise lol,
    sometimes i just wonder who will wear makeup when they are practising haha.

  • MySkullgirl says:

    an actual dance unlike other girl groups who just change positions and do
    hand signs

  • this shit right here amandaa says:

    I LOVE this Secret
    from their I Do I Do promotions, they had lost to much weight, so I am glad
    that they put back on the weight, if anything I wish they were the Love is
    Move era size, cause they all were drop dead gorgeous. or even the Talk
    That era, that was Jieun’s time to shine , cause she was like WOW
    but this time around I think Hyosung is just so gorgeous with her proudly
    showing off her curves because Hyosung is my ULTIMATE BIAS (I would be her
    gf in a heartbeat) but still I think Hana, personally looks the best, like
    she is owning that bob cut and I am sad she doesnt get enough recognition
    because her and Hyosung used have the same body type
    but regardless all the girls are gorgeous, love it, and hope they at least
    win one award cause they deserve it!

  • roseltv89 says:

    I think HyoSung has the best body among Kpop idols. She’s not too skinny
    and she actually has curves. I tried to look at other members too but my
    eyes just automatically followed her. 

  • godandtechnodude says:

    How do they do all of that! Splits, twerking, and arm throwing for 4
    minutes!? They weren’t even out of breath! That’s talent!

  • jojo lee says:

    While everyone else is either discussing about hyosungs body or dieting, I
    wonder where that one back up dancer got her shirt (fuck what he thinks) at

  • Taran Elijah says:

    All the comments are complaining about HyoSung, but if you look past her
    curves and bright white sweater, you’ll see the Hana and SunHwa are going
    just as hard as she is. (Not to say that JiEun is slacking) HyoSung didn’t
    show us this energy during “Goodnight Kiss” because she didn’t have the
    other girls to feed off of.

  • 이예은 says:


  • Stephy Kim says:

    No offense meant to those other people here, but for me, Hyosung’s just
    doing her thing. She’s just performing on her best. Its not her fault if
    the rest of her members can’t do the same thing as her. For me, she’s just

  • Flexshe Kim says:

    Mv : sunhwa shows sexy
    Dp : hana’s sexy
    Just wow ! Secret


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