19 Responses to Belly Dance Fitness For Weight Loss

  • Cherrypopissweet says:

    This video used to be on Comcast OnDemand fitness about 9 years ago and I
    did it as a way to lose weight because I was in a wedding and I will tell
    everyone that watches it that it actually does work. I lost several inches
    in my waist doing this workout between four and five times a week for 6
    weeks. So no matter what the comments say, if you actually do this workout
    it does work. You will see definition in your arms and your waist will be

  • Danny's Workout says:

    Aerobics is good, but Danny’s Workout is better 😉 MUST SEE

  • JL Peng says:


  • A Sorel says:

    LOL. White Euros doing stiff generic “belly dance” moves called snake arms
    and camel?? Please don’t call this garbage belly dancing.

  • im_batgirl says:

    Seems like a good DVD, but it’s boring. Narrator evokes no emotion, also
    the background music can use a little arabic style for motivation. 

  • Amira A says:

    I didn’t really care for Rania’s style until I watched the dance towards
    the end with the sword. I still think her tutorials are lacking but she’s
    definitely talented.

  • Cheryl Alano says:
  • 1agentflick says:

    Absolutely superb, thank you.

  • Naima Mohamed says:

    *Pauses video at **1:54*
    “Whew, what a great workout” 

  • Sable Gale says:

    Want To Learn Belly Dancing The Easy and Quick Way? This is THE Perfect
    Opportunity You’ve Been Waiting For…

  • Heismika Panchoo says:

    It’s nice and i love arabic song instrument ,the dress ,make up and the
    thing like a chain or necklace in the forehead

  • Päivi´s says:

    Love this belly dance workout and LOVE your performance!! Thank you!

  • la lola says:

    im watching this and eatig chocolate ! اتابع هنا واكل شوكولاه 

  • I KICK KATZ says:

    If you have even the slightest form of scoliosis you won’t be able to do
    14:15 – 16:12

  • SatyaBumi Make up & Henna says:

    Belly Dance Fitness For Weight Loss: http://youtu.be/1G-1ylSD8Pg

  • Rabi Uslu says:

    This songs are famous turkish songs. Im turkish. I’m very surprised.

  • Elizabeth Moore says:

    To lose weight you need to eat less and count calories. Also, you can try
    different tools for this type –

  • priyanka shakya says:

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    full delicious meals at the same time? Go Google Fat Blast Furnace to
    discover more.

  • Jade Touzin says:

    IT is way to slow for workout ….


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