Hip-hop workshops in Dance Centre Myway. Kiev, Ukraine. Choreography by Marina Moiseeva (Марина Моисеева). Music: Brooke Candy – Opulence. mywaydance.com/ You dream to take…

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11 Responses to Brooke Candy – Opulence choreography by Marina Moiseeva – Dance Centre Myway

  • Xino Vlogs says:

    these were the best 48 seconds of my life excellent choreography, Greetings
    from panamá 

  • Dance Centre Myway says:

    New choreo by Marina Moiseeva!

  • Kyndall Mack says:

    Amazing! ❤️❤️❤️

  • LightsHearted says:


  • Bleu Dancer says:

    So their contracts keep them from going to another studio ???? That

  • ZorroPlateado says:

    Wow season 6. You left too early Kelly :(( Contracts are extremely hard to
    get out of like that.

  • Avery Silveira says:

    Christi can learn from Kelly instead of having Chloe play the victim and
    trying to keep her relevant by talking about Abby and the Aldc she should
    take whatever talent Chloe has left and do something with it 

  • Cassidy Canzano says:

    I see me 

  • Аделина Румянова says:

    they do not return to the mother in the dance?

  • lyna craziness says:

    I doubt Kelly would let Brooke and Paige go to CADC after what Cathy said
    about her kids having one leg. Unless she really wants to torture Abby..

  • Ilana R says:

    I’m glad Kelly cleared that out everyone is saying ohh the hylands are
    coming back season 5 but now we know that they are not thanks for posting
    this video


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