The day after our Halloween Party, I woke up to this… Tw: jimmy_the_pope IG: jimmythepope #cleaningdancingroommate #willworkforpants #willdanceforpants Juk…
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22 Responses to Cleaning Dancing Roommate

  • Cameron McNeill says:

    Excuse me, but how can anyone look at us gays and think we are anything
    other than fucking adorable.

  • stuckIN801 says:

    He said “dude” he is not gay! A true gay guy would’ve said, “Ugh, evil
    batch/bitch/betch” or “OMG/Boo you Whore!!” 

  • Berta Lovejoy says:

    Oh how times have changed, it’s amazing! Back in the pre 21st century dark
    ages, women were expected to clean the house after parties. Nowadays it’s
    the males doing it, and they’re trying their best to be as feminine as
    possible! Personally, I have a male mexican housekeeper called Juan doing
    it all for me. The best thing is, I pay him below the minimum wage and he
    doesn’t complain! Keep up the good work males!

    Berta Lovejoy, Feminist, Promoter Of Equality, Love, and Peace.

  • J.D. Turner says:

    Your room mate is a homosexual. 

  • Janine Francisco says:

    Society is messed up. You know what he’s not harming anyone, so don’t try
    to make excuses just to make him look bad for dancing. I don’t care if he’s
    gay or not, so why should you? You know straight guys know how to dance
    like that, right? They can do the tango, ballet, or even Zumba. So don’t
    make him look bad. It’s his problem whether it not he wants to dance, don’t
    be messing with people that does no harm. If your wondering how old I am,
    I’m 13… Plus I know someone’s gonna say ‘you should be reading a book’
    well you should have a life.

  • Victoria Castillo says:

    So me every time I am cleaning! That guy was hot though! Can sing, clean,
    can dance, I wonder what else he can do? 😮 ! lmao

  • Flappy Aleks says:


    Haha you clicked read more.

    Now THAT’S a real troll

  • ProConstitutioner says:

    Make yourself decent and put some socks on!! No one likes feet!

  • Karin Nelson says:

    He cleans while dancing in his undies AND looks good doing both.
    The only question that remains unanswered: Is he for hire?

  • Daniel F says:

    I’m straight, and on many an occasion I dance a lot gayer than this. The
    gay comments are from the usual batch of young insecure boys trying to
    over-compensate so they can be accepted into the macho society they believe
    they need to impress. Do this: click on any of the usernames of the people
    with the most hateful and bigoted comments, and see for yourself:
    videogaming videos, japanese animation, how-to pick up girls videos, prank
    videos, etc. Children. Nothing but children. U mad, children? 

  • Nathaniel Wilson says:

    ha ha ha cool :)) happy freedom 

  • RavynSkye1 says:

    is AWESOME and should be rewarded. Mad respect, yo.

  • gusdahlehhater says:

    Someone should beat this guy up. He needs to grow some balls.

  • wizbasky says:

    What I find funny is almost everyone who owns a smartphone cannot seem to
    live 5 minutes without touching it or using it 24/7 but no one seems to
    know how to record a movie with it. Turn it sideways FTW.

  • Sean Moran says:

    after little to no contemplation, I have decided to type the following…
    gay people are gay, but they’re not faggots. faggots are faggots, but
    they’re not gay now here’s the kicker – gay people and faggots CAN be
    faggots and gay, respectively, but they in no way represent the gay and
    faggot communities. I’ve nothing against gay people, but I think we can all
    agree that faggots are intolerable. that said, how does ANY of this relate
    to the video?

  • floplikeladygaga says:

    Stop cleaning the floor and come clean my pussy sexy ;)

  • Cassy thelochnessmonsta says:

    I dance while cleaning my house. Does that automatically make me lesbian?
    Jimmy was a good sport about being filmed though. I would have killed
    someone if they were filming me dancing :)

  • MDNAfor Ever says:

    Everyone do crazy things when his alone at home…

  • Osman Changalismith says:

    everyone who says hes gay is just butthurt because if they were in the
    video it would say “cleaning dancing fat roomate”

  • Markurrito says:

    Why does this have so many views? There is nothing particularly special
    about this video. It’s just some guy dancing while cleaning his floor
    while he is in the boxers. Who the hell cares about something like this?

  • Dino Hajderovic says:

    Where is your woman to clean your house? Ooo you are a woman? 🙂 hahah


    Oh look another fake video again.


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