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Download on iTunes (Music) : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/haengboghabnida-single/id942398787 ‘김유정’ 은 작곡가 ‘윤일상’ 이 작사/작곡한 아프리카 어린이돕기…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

29 Responses to D2 Episode 14

  • D 4 Dance says:

    D2 Episode 14

  • ann philip says:

    Amazing performance….kukuu and monisha outstanding…really enjoyed…and
    as usual gp and pearley rocked


    I loved this episode.. Kukkoo,pranav was good.. Monishs seems like over
    smart..but her dance was good..other Krishna was good..gp ..pearly..judges
    were nice as usual.. Keep it up

  • navas ke says:

    one and all GPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP……………………………. love you

  • Ummer H says:

    kukku was superb.monish was too boring and oversmart please control her and
    gp you always rocking yaar.thanks for uploading the episode

  • Divya Pai says:

    superb.. monisha’s performance. really good

  • padma priya says:

    Lovely performance by kukku and monisha .just loved it 

  • Jazzwood Cinemaz says:

    Awzom Episode .. luv all 3 performances ..
    *KUKKU – Fabulous .. luvd ur performance … ur sTory was funny n
    interesting .. I wish if u cud hav completd it … #respect
    *PRANAV – Mindblowing performance .. really lovd it .. U deserve Tripple 9
    .. #Respect
    *MONISHA – ur dance was gud but plz sTop ur bullshit tokz … itz boring n
    irritating … 

  • jessica says:

    +Pranav ji.. loved ur performance

  • TheNananana1996 says:

    Kukku and Monisha did an awesome job!

  • Mohammed Mahshooque says:

    Kukku God Aaaane Polichu ttaaaaaa ………. 

  • rouf rouf says:

    Kuku and monisha rocking performance

  • Abin George says:

    Kukku,monisha polichi makalllllaaaaaaaaaa

  • jamsheer aapi says:

    G p machaneee adipoli I love you machaaa

  • muhammedshafi pk says:

    kukku good performance

  • 285England says:

    It’s a happy song with meaningful message to people to join and help
    everybody around us from the smallest things and that will make us feel
    happier! The song delivers the volunteering messages from K-Volunteering
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  • SweetHina says:

    I wonder who is that guy in the front on the left wearing the grey
    sweater? he’s adorable!

  • Debbie Smith says:

    *Kim Yoo Jung ~ “Happy” (Dance Ver :)) MV*

  • FAH KANYANUT says:

    It’s so cute>< I like this song love you Yoo Jung. From....Thailand

  • pimichuu says:

    this is so cute! does anyone know who the guy in the gray sweatshirt is?

  • Syl C says:

    This song makes me feel so freaking good.

  • Sara M says:

    Cute song & MV, first when the guy was dancing alone, it was a bit awkward,
    when then when people joint , i liked it .

    I wish things like this happens everyday in reality, we’ll be happy all the
    time and everyday. People will live happier than ever, something like

  • CarmenRomania100 says:

    Child actress Kim Yoo Jung released another music video version of her
    digital single, “We’re Happy”. The cute song was also changed to a more
    upbeat version with addictive clapping beats that make it easier to move to
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    The song is a project with the Korea Volunteer Center composed to spread
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  • CJENMMUSIC Official says:
  • linda vilcas poma says:

    wuaa la cancion esta super la voz es perfecta me declaro fans de la
    cantante en video esta relindo y la coreografia es perfecta MUCHOS EXITO
    PARA EL VIDEO y no se olviden suscribense 

  • Pretty Noona says:

    Lol… love it =D 

  • Ewka D. says:

    1:20 <3
    This smile is so adorable~! :3

  • young soo Shin says:

    김유정 (Kim Yoo Jung) – 행복합니다 (Dance Ver.) (Happy) MV:

  • ji jon says:

    that was amazing i want 2 see like this in my life


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