Dance Moms: Abby Gets Rid of Ava and Jeanette (S4, E30)

After Jeanette follows the team to Los Angeles, Abby has to dismiss both her and Ava for good, in this scene from Episode 30 (Hollywood Here We Come, Part 1)…

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37 Responses to Dance Moms: Abby Gets Rid of Ava and Jeanette (S4, E30)

  • BluePhoenixYT says:

    1:56 look at clhobird smiling at Ava getting kicked out! 

  • TundraNile says:


    Paige is going into therapy, and Chloe is looking for it. I know you
    probably LOVE dance moms.. and I do too. But I am done seeing girls cry
    now. This show needs to end. Put an end to Abby Lee Miller!

    Let’s STOP watching Dance Moms and get it kicked off TV. We need to stop
    the abuse of the girls!

  • Amiyah Lawrence says:

    Ava is so sweet she even thanked abby for the opportunity to be on the
    elite team
    … abby your a bitch

  • Cassidy Smith says:

    haha at 0:31 when she say stalker abby laughs/smiles lol 

  • Heather Buckler says:

    at least she has abs 

  • Anya Kodrich says:

    9th finaly

  • Onyx lila says:

    Why would Janet put her daughter threw this again perseverance and
    determination more like dangling a carrot in front of your daughter and
    just take it away. I’m sorry but Ava did not deserve to be put threw that
    again Janet should have taken a hint and stayed away instead of watching
    her daughters heart be broken yet again.

  • Eric Thomas says:

    That was sick that she fakes going to hug her than took her jacket… Just

  • allison ortiz. says:

    1:56 Chloe was smiling when Ava and Jeanette left

  • minecreaper111 says:

    abby should be banned for yelling and screaming at thoose girls 

  • Riley HalbritterEells says:

    Why would Abby do that? Because she is tall? I feel bad she wants to dance
    but stupid fat Abby yelled at her took her jacket of her and said bye. She
    is a great Dancer, she pretty, and she will become a successful dancer and
    Abby will be mad at Ava. Ava is skinny,pretty,good dancer,and she has abs.
    So there Abby. All Abby loves is Maddie. What a bout the other girls? Hugh

  • Sam Munge says:

    Ava is a beautiful dancer and she will be successful. Her mom is the
    problem and i feel so bad. 

  • Sybil Klinebriel-Ashby says:

    Ava is a good dancer. XD

  • hailee russell says:

    6 pack

  • easha starfish says:

    Did you see Ava’s face at 1:32

  • chris deleon says:

    She is a fucking bitch

  • BeautyLover98 says:

    She looked pissed

  • goauld88 says:

    Why do they enforce it? I mean I’m sure every country has insane century
    old laws too, but nobody cares about them; they are just abandoned. 

  • Hilton Andrade says:

    laws against dancing is absolutely redundant.. complete stupidity. glad i
    live in new york

  • trey king says:

    What’s the point of this law? Who is having a problem with these clubs and
    how would a slight change of the lighting change anything for supporters of
    the law? 

  • j Utn says:

    Clubbing in Shibuya, i thought Roppongi was the clubbing district. I found
    nothing except shopping and restaurants in Shibuya 

  • Arthur Biddle says:

    There was dancing in every club I went to when I lived in Japan

  • Sacha-yves jean-louis says:

    At least they are showing some sign of openness! Japan is so strict
    sometimes it’s crazy! People need to blow off steam and all! I mean yeah it
    can always go overboard and all but so can any venue in any field goes!
    Dancing has always been around around and will always be and trying to
    destroy it like the nazy did with the jews and swing is crazy! I hope
    Fueiho law get remove and ban for ever!

  • OtterWater528 says:

    What does he mean at the end by “… and also serve as a beginning of
    global communication.”? Have we somehow failed to communicate with the
    whole world? I know the definition of the word ‘global’. I fail to see
    how communication that could be described as ‘global’ is a new thing (or
    concept) that has failed to begin. Perhaps he wants the internet and a
    computer for every human… and that will be a result of dancing and DJ

  • Shar Banning says:

    A fascinating look at Japan’s dance culture. (12 min)

  • Better-Than Humans says:

    Japanese, always think their better than Humans. 

  • Kevvy Quezada says:

    I wonder how the Japanese Dancehall folks feels about this

  • NicoKay says:

    seriously now: Is this a joke? Or is it a real thing???

  • C.S. K. says:

    Why the hell would anyone want to ban dancing?!

  • Thibault Tresca says:

    We had a raid in tokyo club once, we all got kicked out , haha ridiculous

  • Dingo Egret says:

    They should have kept the law. Keep Japan a safe haven for introverts. We
    don’t need any loud, vapid, obnoxious club goers here.

  • thejunkface says:

    Even before the law was overturned you could apply for a license as an
    owner. They were pretty expensive and it’s still a ridiculous law to even
    have in the first place but to not even mention it seems strange. 

  • Tech Times T-Lounge says:

    Dancing Laws in JAPAN? #wtf #wtfjapan 

  • Fly Flicks says:

    This law has now been overturned, go back to your soap operas and day time
    TV thanks.

  • Burning Man Mike says:

    Is this a news piece for the Onion? Sounds too crazy to be true, but I
    forgot you were talking about Japan.

  • Jack From Manhattan says:

    Nobody even dances in clubs out here in NYC. Everyone just stands around.
    Maybe we need a law to take away our dancing so we want to dance again

  • Chas Lacaillade says:

    Excellent news coverage. Well done, Andrea!


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