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21 Responses to Dance Moms – Kamryn’s National Solo “This Is The Start”

  • Kelsey Elizabeth says:

    The way she covered that fall was pro status.

  • Daisy Butterworth says:


  • Wicked Gaming says:

    Any one else thing she looks like rowan Blanchard from girl meets world??

  • gina x says:

    Who ever trained kamryn is amazing! Her feet are gorgeous & so are her
    lines. I enjoyed this choreography so much more than Chloe’s but I see why
    Chloe won over her

  • Trinity Smith says:

    this was kinda boring I thought Chloe’s solo was better

  • BuzyBuzzingBees says:


    kendall was 9th
    kamryn was 6th
    and chloe was 5th
    group dance was 1st
    and cathys was 5th

  • Alex Lains says:

    Actually Kaeli Brady, It wouldn’t have mattered if she fell or not because
    the reason Chloe beat her was because her technique was better. It had
    nothing to do with the fall

  • Kaye Sprite says:

    Kamryn looks like rylie from girl meets world 

  • Ciara Ford says:

    There are very few people who could take a hard fall like that and
    literally not miss a beat, what a star

  • Jaeda Llanes says:

    lol the music after she fall made it kinda seem like she was supposed to

  • xysllekscjason says:

    Even though she fell it was very impressive how fast she could improvise
    and play it into the dance……even though I don’t like her personality
    wise, I must give her credit on saying she’s very quick on her “feet.” 

  • Tiara Murchison says:

    I like kamryn, but I don’t think she’s a solo dancer, this is just my
    opinion but I feel like when she is in a group dance and she’s leading she
    can still rely on the team for things you can do that in a solo

  • Julia Collett says:

    When she fell she even pointed her feet. 

  • Madeline Lui says:

    Kamryn fell and did a backwards roll to cover it!! Her thinking is very
    fast omg. I would have sat there for a few seconds before I do something to
    cover it up.

  • Aya Does Things says:

    That recovery though… :)

  • Project Alice says:

    she was so lucky that this dance was contemporary. lol thank good for one
    of contemporary’s factors of strange precise movement otherwise if this was

  • tasia edmonds says:

    The only reason y the select girls beer win is because the choreography.
    The are not use to Abby’s old fashion style of dance it’s not that they
    can’t win it’s jus Abby never want them to be better than maddie 

  • Callie Jet says:

    so much fucking rolling around on the floor in abbeys routines…

  • Lissy Pika says:

    Am I the only one thinking she looks like Rowan Blanchard from Girl Meets
    World ?

  • MrsEzriaHarding says:

    Personally I hate how they film dances on dance moms. It doesn’t do any of
    the girls dancing justice. The constant switching of shot angles doesn’t
    help. If you watch a dance that’s been filmed by a fan from the competition
    then watch the one from the show it almost looks like two different dances
    because of how it’s filmed. I would personally prefer them to have one
    angle, so we see it like the judges see it. 

  • Dance Moms Clips says:

    I do feel as if Abby made sure this horeography was better than Chloe’s
    solo choreography and I think that is incredible wrong however, their’s no
    denying this is brilliant choreography.


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