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[Dance Practice] SISTAR(씨스타)_I Swear_안무연습 Ver. – Album Title : Special Album “Sweet & Sour” – Title Song : I Swear – Release date: 2014.08.26 – Facebook SIST…
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24 Responses to Dance Moms Season 4.5 Episode 7 (Gino’s rehearsal 1)

  • Robyn Warrington says:

    I’ll just walk past Abby and go hmmhmm

  • Natalie Gomez says:

    Thank you for this video

  • Laura Thomas says:

    Ginos face at 1:00

  • the guru says:

    I love Gino!!! This solo looks amazing!!!!

  • Kimberly Cuenca says:

    Wtf? Dasom has no lines? I am not dasom biased but this is so unfaaaair 

  • AnFeL AbDeL says:

    #sistar #i_swear #dance_practice ♥.♥

  • Kelly Dinh says:

    Hyorin’s shorts are really short and you can see her underpants really well
    xD and Bora is killing me! <3

  • KyraWhispers says:

    Soyou is so beautiful!!!♥ damsoo is so skinny ugly srry damsoo fans but she
    is ….. bora is sexy!!!

  • DarkTemplar8952 says:

    Omg Hyorin is darker than Bora haha

  • bevan185 says:

    Needs more Miu and Ari

  • Keana Moats says:

    You guys complain about Bora so much but no one seems to realize that she’s
    one of the people coming up with their choreography. She and Hyorin write
    some of their own music too. Just because she doesn’t do much vocally,
    she’s a dancer and a rapper and rappers don’t have much time anyway for a
    group like Sistar, she does a hell of a lot of work for each comeback. 

  • Thang Ton says:

    From the day when LEON take over. They made SISTAR look typical like every
    other girl groups. PLEASEEEE PLEASESESE STOPPPP!!! I think they just need
    to end the contract and manage themselves. I think they will be better
    without all these people making them look basic.

  • shay purple says:

    please guys get it straight..BORA is the one who is naturally
    tanned…hyorin uses salon to looks tanner coz she thinks tanned is sexy..

  • Zanira Deana says:

    Excuse you but, I’m a Star1 and I’m gotta admit this.

    It’s looks like Hyorin & Soyou – I Swear Ft. Dasom & Bora. Dasom and Bora
    just got like one line of singing part. Starship even put Soyou and Hyorin
    at the middle to dance when it’s the chorus. Excuse you, Bora is the main
    dancer right? Please treat them equally. I feel so sad of Dasom and Bora.

    Looks like Starship started to put Soyou at the same level as Hyorin and
    put Dasom and Bora at the lower level. It’s not like just Hyorin and Soyou
    can sing and dance. Dasom and Bora can do that too. I can understand that
    in “Loving You” era, they shines Hyorin and Bora more and now Hyorin and
    Soyou. But what about the maknae, Dasom? She can sing and dance too! She
    always get the least attention.

  • Phoi Dang says:


  • Bradley Simonian says:

    Talking about that engagement ring :p I should’a known that D.I.A. stood
    for diamond lol.. It took me til I saw the translated lyrics for that line
    that I understood LOL.. You would think the dance would help me understand
    too.. Woops XD

  • Elfiya Min says:

    Hyorins skin color is more attractive than Dasoms.. Why do they always
    have/want to be so white?!

  • Ashley Huynh says:

    Bora unni isnt up front with Hyorin like all their other songs.. I think
    Starship paying more attentions to Soyou nowadays and try to put her on the
    same level as Hyorin. What about my poor Bora 🙁 

  • Denysa Dsalamah says:

    Bora & Dasom… where are you baby?? i didn’t hear your voice

  • Thang Ton says:

    I swear they need a new company manager…

  • panhia vang says:

    When is there a time when hyorin is NOT in the front?!?

  • Kiersten Kellogg says:

    Damn why didn’t they just let Hyorin release this as a solo song? She’s
    practically singing the whole thing. Starship definitely needs to work on
    distributing parts better in songs. 

  • GummyBear16 says:

    Who’s the tan blonde OMG SHES so pretty!!!! 

  • Tiff Eyesmile says:

    Stupid people should stop saying my Dasom is ugly! SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!! see
    their live performances and you’ll know!


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