Dead Can Dance - The Carnival Is Over

Dead Can Dance video “The Carnival Is Over” directed by Ondrej Rudavsky. [From Dead Can Dance box set “1981-1998”]. Words fail when describing this masterpiece. 6th September 2007 note:…
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Dance Moms Maddie dancing Chandelier in the dressing room

Instagram: Dance Moms Maddie Ziegler Dancing in the dressing room to Sia Chandelier. Dance Moms season 4 episode 32 Nationals Maddie ziegler Chandelier I…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

35 Responses to Dead Can Dance – The Carnival Is Over

  • Satin's Lucky Bag says:

    In Germany, Rio, and elsewhere, the Carnival is over. In Basel /
    Switzerland, he starts next Monday – for 72 hours…
    *Dead Can Dance – “The Carnival Is Over”*

    #DeadCanDance #TheCarnevalIsOver 

  • bartosz zulawski says:

    Maybe its not hardcore new wave but…but interesting thing is that in
    lyrics is used line taken from Joy division Eternal “the procession moves
    on shouting is over”…

    well and title is rather negative…anyway beautiful track

  • Ladyli63 says:

    “The truth is the best camouflage. No one believes in it”-Max Friesh

  • Satin's Lucky Bag says:

    In Germany, Rio, and elsewhere, the Carnival is over. In Basel /
    Switzerland, he starts next Monday – for 72 hours…
    *Dead Can Dance – “The Carnival Is Over”*

    #DeadCanDance #TheCarnevalIsOver 

  • Sara Pappineau says:

    “They were driven by a strange desire, unseen by the human eye.” I love
    this song so much. 

  • Baggy Bang says:

    Buonanotte ….


    The storm clouds gathering,
    Moved silently along the dusty boulevard.
    Where flowers turning crane their fragile necks
    So they can in turn
    Reach up and kiss the sky.

    They are driven by a strange desire
    Unseen by the human eye
    Someone is calling.

    I remember when you held my hand
    In the park we would play when the circus came to town.
    Look! Over here.

    The circus gathering
    Moved silently along the rainswept boulevard.
    The procession moved on the shouting is over
    The fabulous freaks are leaving town.

    They are driven by a strange desire
    Unseen by the human eye.
    The carnival is over

    We sat and watched
    As the moon rose again
    For the very first time.

  • ΞⓖΞ ΞⓞΞ says:

    One of my fav Dead Can Dance Songs with the warm voice I like: Brendan

  • Mary Chris says:

    *✩☾♥♫The Carnival Is Over ~ Dead Can Dance✩☾♥♫*
    *Καλο μας ξημερωμα αγαπημενοι μου…*
    *…κι αν λαβυρινθος ειναι η ζωη, αξιζει να τον περπατησουμε, ας χαθουμε…*
    *…κι αν οι φοβοι σαν αραχνο-ιστοι κλεινουν το περασμα, να τους
    διαβουμε…να προχωρησουμε…(mary c.)*

  • Giada Bianchi says:
  • Claudio Nógena says:

    Great song, great video but: you’d think they would upload a high quality
    video since they are posting it on their facebook page. Sorry Lisa, sorry
    Brendan… or whoever is in charge of these things, but this looks like
    crap (let’s not even mention the sound quality). That’s alright: I have
    the dvd.

  • Brad Perkins says:

    Dead Can Dance – The Carnival Is Over:

  • Leisha BS says:

    Dead can dance- The carnival is over

  • Ed Unitsky says:
  • Ines Klein says:
  • RuudJH says:

    Forgotten Circus goes equal with this. Excellent.

  • jM iedreth says:

    Dead Can Dance – The Carnival Is Over

  • Dimitra Raftopoulou says:


  • Martha Nate says:

    Strange desire to learn the truth ? haha google truth contest for inspired
    stuff like this song.

  • Clue Vios says:

    Προστέθηκε στα βίντεο που σας αρέσουν

  • Terry Barham says:

    This was a time of sheer ineffable magic

  • Persona NoGrata says:

    A pesar de que ambos grupos no tienen nada que ver, al principio esta
    canción me recordó bastante a Gorillaz.

  • victor iglesias says:
  • madisonmarieee says:

    i dont get how that would psych anyone out. i would be like hell yeah bitch
    i was in a music video turn that shit up

  • Zaneta Disang says:

    I love Maddie in this she all: ok really? you think that you can turn me
    down ok lemme show you how its done

  • Brianne Roberts says:

    The real problem with this whole situation is THAT IS A GROWN WOMAN. That
    grown woman really had the nerve to act like that. That’s pathetic and a
    low blow. She just be ashame to say she raise her own children and act as
    if she is one! PATHETIC and for a young child (Maddie) to act so classy!

  • Pamelina says says:

    A little diva already!

  • IndingoFeather says:

    Is the song Maddie’s? No, it’s Sia’s. But Maddie is commonly associated
    with the song. When people think about Chandelier they think about Sia and
    Maddie. I think Maddie has every right to be angry with the Candy Apples
    since their intent behind using it is to upset Abby and her.
    I absolutely love this scene. That adult is acting like a child and Maddie
    gets up and puts her in her place. Go Maddie!

  • dereka addison says:

    she told hhher how thhe dance supoose to look likee first do it then play
    music dum tails

  • randomfreckles1831 says:

    Please don’t hate but Chandeleir is not Maddie’s song. The candy apples
    can dance to it. 

  • Lisa Murphy says:

    Well thecnicaly Maddie its not just YOUR DANCE…people use this song for
    dance competitions…..and since it’s so popular i think it’s going to be
    used A Lot!

  • Madonna Scotland says:

    Why is Maddie the most important one? Just because she danced chandelier?
    It’s not fair Maddie is the only one taken SO seriously, the last when the
    other girls made a mistake on the performance, abby dint really care, but
    when it was maddie who made a mistake, Abby CRIED! All of them should be
    taken seriously JUST LIKE Maddie is taken seriously, or else it would bring
    hatred between the moms, or even between the kids! Cause they are gonna
    grow up and start thinking like that one day.

  • MiniMaestro2 says:

    the routine of chandelier is about sia, her struggles through life and what
    she was like on the inside.

  • Claire Frong says:

    Go Maddie a grown woman was acting like a child and Maddie put her in place
    (Rotten Apples stink)

  • Pallavi Das says:

    she’s so brave


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