Electro & House 2015 Best of Party Charts Dance  Mix #140

DJ Fr@nck Page https://www.facebook.com/Housebootlegparty2 Tracklist:http://tiny.cc/r394sx NEW MIX! 🙂 Have fun guys 🙂 Instragram:http://instagram.com/djfranck2012.

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42 Responses to Electro & House 2015 Best of Party Charts Dance Mix #140

  • HouseBootlegParty2 says:

    Big Thanks for you Support! Love
    Calvin Harris feat Ellie Goulding – Outside (Slice N Dice Bootleg)
    Calvin Harris vs Underdog Project – Met You In The Summer Jam (Laidback
    Luke Mashup)
    Zhu & Oliver Heldens – Faded (Ivan Fresh & Diwolfo Bootleg)
    David Guetta feat. Sam Martin – Dangerous (twoloud Edit)
    David Guetta & Showtek feat. Elliphant & Ms Dynamite – No Money No Love
    (Johnes Club Mix)
    David Guetta feat. Emeli Sandé – What I Did For Love (VINAI Remix)
    DJ Antoine Vs Mad Mark – Vampires (Bodybangers Remix)
    Avicii – The Nights (Avicii by Avicii)
    Axwell / Ingrosso – Something New (Club Mix)
    Alesso Feat. Tove Lo – Heroes (Fabian Baroud Remix)
    Ed Sheeran – Sing (Laidback Luke Future House bootleg)
    Jack U Ft. Kiesza – Take U There (Tchami Remix)
    Jacob Plant – Ice Cream (Original Mix)
    Jauz – Feel The Volume (Original Mix)
    Laidback Luke & Tujamo – S.A.X. (Original Mix)
    Martin Solveig x GTA – Intoxicated (Original Club Mix)
    Hardwell – Eclipse
    Hardwell & W&W feat. Fatman Scoop – Don’t Stop The Madness (Original Mix)
    Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400 (W&W Remix)
    Sak Noel vs Jason Risk – Whoa, No Boyfriend (Paul Ahi Mashup)
    Sidney Samson, Yves V – Magic (Original Mix)
    Martin Way & Wand England – In Da Club (Lefty Remix)
    Picco – Nobody (Original Mix)
    Gwen Stefani – Baby Don’t Lie (Kaskade & KillaGraham Remix)
    Beyonce – 711 (Skrillex & Diplo’s Jack Ü Remix)

  • HouseBootlegParty2 says:

    Brand New MIX 2015 🙂
    Mixed by DJ Fr@nck

  • HouseBootlegParty2 says:
  • William L. Weaver says:

    *Absolute Proof that Dawn is Approaching*

    In a world filled with morose pessimism, Electro-House is a leading
    indicator that good-times and innovation are on the way… (Recall Disco in
    the late 1970s…)

    #ElectroHouse #HumanSpirit #OptimisimWins 

  • Willi's Gaming Tv says:

    Das ist ein deutscher Channel? O.o hätte ich nicht gedacht… Probs dafür

  • KamehamehaBBL says:

    First song is Outside Ellie Goulding

  • SexyDirtyhouse says:

    Amazing mix! :D

  • ElectroCHarts says:

    Hell yeah! A new Mix by DJ Fr@ncK♥

  • Sebastian Guminiczak says:

    Mocne i bardzo sympatyczne kawałki…

  • DKGerd Dao says:

    Whats the name of the girl on the photo?

  • Melanie Leeb says:

    mega genialer mix

  • Papa Georgio says:

    what track or beat at 28:05 ?

  • Henrik Frank says:


  • Simon Kleindiek says:

    Wie heißt der Remix von “Divine Sorrow? Der steht leider nicht in der
    Tracklist drin!
    Whats’s the name of the Divine Sorrow Remix? He is not inside the track
    list … +HouseBootlegParty2 

  • Jonday LP says:

    Very nice Mix. GJ

  • iNSANiTY says:

    THAT IS A NICE….. G-Shock Watch :)

  • jaimy kotta says:

    You are the best house electro mix maker evvaaaa

  • Florian Begemann says:

    I will this downloaden

  • David Lévesque says:

    58:00 !!! whats the name of this song??

    58:00 !!! C;est quoi le tire de la toune ??

  • Asiacheetah says:

    Ladies your lack of research this episode was EXTREMELY disappointing. OK I
    get it Christy, you’re tired of Maddie’s lyrical solos. But to be so
    dismissive and discounting her hard work was unfortunate. FYI, Talia is 13.
    She competed in the teen category against Kalani who came in second to
    Maddie in the overall. Both Kalani and Maddie got perfect scores. You can
    see Kalani’s solo on lifetime YouTube site. Talia came in third in the Teen
    category behind Kalani and someone else. She did not make the overall top
    5. That competition overall were #1 Maddie (1st in Junior), #2 Kalani (1st
    in Teen), #3 Gavin Morales formerly with CADC (1st in Mini), #4 Mackenzie
    Morales (2nd in Junior). Don’t know who came in 5th overall.

    I guess I’m especially disappointed because I was really looking forward to
    this episode with two perfect scoring solos. For some reason lifetime
    decided to edit out Kalani completely. Having seen Maddie’s solo from her
    performance at a charity event, I knew it was my favorite one this season.
    There were some really cool new moves she did like the aerial from one knee
    and a floor with sequence that wasn’t shown. Of course I really liked her
    acting in this one.

    Of the 40 seconds of Talia’s solo that was shown, it seemed like 30 seconds
    were just turns. Her turns are beautiful. That’s about all I got out of
    what’s shown. I didn’t get much performance out of it to me.

    It’s just hard watching this recap. (Still haven’t finished while false
    conjectures were being said). Maybe Christy doesn’t mean to come off this
    way, but you seem very biased against Maddie based on these two weeks.

  • Katie frasher says:

    What did Abby pay you to make her seem like a victim? Lol I’d love for Toni
    and Francisco to return.

  • Dawn Yrigollen says:

    I understand that most of what you talk about is based on what is shown on
    the show, but for goodness sake do some research. It would have taken two
    seconds to find out that the tied solo was Kalani’s. They announced the
    name of her solo and cut out her name. It would be really nice if next
    week there was a more balanced panel. There was absolutely no defending
    Abby’s actions this week and yet somehow you both managed to try. It was a
    very dissapointing recap.

  • Ari Mannillo says:

    As a person who suffers from depression, I think there’s a chance Abby has
    some form of depression herself or possibly anxiety. Its obvious she wasn’t
    herself this episode. I wouldn’t say scripted because that’s when its word
    for word every moment is fed to you. I think it was just horribly setup by
    production. I think alot of the cast were sabotaged that week. I’m
    surprised you didn’t mention Nia doing her music as well. She just shot a
    video today. I think she’s keeping it separate from Abby. Random
    news&gossip, Paige tried out for volleyball. She doesn’t want to join a
    dance studio, she takes recreational classes at multiple studios. Brooke
    doesn’t really dance anymore, she’s looking at colleges now since she
    graduates next year.

  • Sarahr98998 says:

    I miss Francisco. And Tony. And Lexie. How can the entire panel be
    missing every week? This is the season 4 after show all over again. I
    know the ladies are trying, and I’m sorry, but it’s awkward and really
    uncomfortable to watch.

  • Sarah Chaffey says:

    nia fimed her music video! the pictures were on instagram 

  • LG4EVR1808 says:

    i agree that something was up with abby this episode…like she was acting
    even more bizzare than usual…also i smell something fishy with the moms
    cancelling being on your show

  • TheGamerGirl1989 says:

    I’m sorry but snatching a costume out of a child’s hands because your going
    through what ever issues isn’t shutting her down nicely. Abby is an adult,
    she needs to act like an adult and not lash out at children. 

  • Katrina Grigg says:

    Please Bring Francisco and Tony back! 

  • lolaworldxxx says:

    you are literally SO rude bout the moms, if you were in their position you
    would have not liked their dance teacher nd manager disappear without a
    word,, are you crazy.

  • europatiger12 says:

    AFTERBUZZ, we are consumers. Listen to us. We do NOT want that red head
    back. She’s rude and I’m just done listening to her. And stop begging for
    tweets like a 12 year old.. No one is going to tweet you unless they need a
    botox recommendation. 

  • sharron casey says:

    If you have actually watched the show you should notice that Maddie got
    first but Kalani also received a perfect score and was given second but
    there was also a trophy in front of Kendall there was no mention of what
    her solo was. There was a trophy in front of talia (sic) that was a first
    place trophy so it appears she was either in a different division or the
    show dodged up the actual placements. It has become ridiculous watching
    this show now it is so obviously fake

  • Shonna G says:

    I read over and over that people want Francesco and, or Tony back. I think
    what they are saying is that we want differing opinions between the hosts
    back. An after show that consists of this is what happened, this is what I
    think, and the other hosts response is yeah I agree over and over is
    boring. I understand that you both may agree. However, would it be more
    interesting if one of you plays devils advocate for the sake of the
    conversation? I will admit I’m not a fan of Abby and it is hard to hear
    nothing but pro Abby conversation. I would love to hear more diverse
    opinions of the moms, the girls, and yes even Abby. I hope you’ll consider
    my thoughts as I only hope to continue to watch you grow as hosts and
    continue to give us an exciting show each week.


  • eeveegirl22 says:

    Talia was also on DM a few years ago on a reunion special at the very end.
    I recognized her midway thru the show when I saw her mom in the audience
    and she was in a wheelchair and how I made the connection. but Talia is 13
    so mostlikely she was in the Teen division bc i have no idea the age
    catagory cut off but its safe to assume she was in teen

  • Chelsia Green says:

    Abby was so obnoxious. I’ve been telling my friend this but i think ALDC is
    coming to an end

  • Madison R says:

    Probably the worst show you’ve done. Christy is trying just a little too
    much, and is loud and incredibly obnoxious. Rolling her eyes at a 12 year
    old who got a perfect score is very dismissive and unprofessional. The
    panel’s got incredibly weak with really poor research for the episode.
    Won’t be tuning in next week if the panel is the same. Very disappointing. 

  • cd w says:

    i don’t think i’ll be watching again until tony or francisco come back, and
    christy preferably leaves. i’d rather not sit through an hour of christy
    rolling her eyes and being dismissive of every positive comment about
    maddie that candice makes. 

  • ChristyMae921 says:

    I stopped watching when I knew Chloe was gone for good. Abby has really
    changed in looks; she looks like a mess. And these girls don’t want to
    dance anymore. The passion is gone. 

  • Amanda Rodrigues says:

    You on the afterbuzz should know that is not ok to “spread” hate towards
    maddie just because she has a lot of haters on the DM fandom. Her whole
    solo was amazing and so are her TONS of fans.

  • Anna Suzuki says:

    Very disappointing. Christy is just ruining the recap for me. Rolling your
    eyes and grunting at a 12 year old is so disrespectful! Afterbuzz, give us
    back Tony, Lexie and Francisco!

  • SmittenKitten says:

    This recap was painful to watch/listen-to. It feels like you two just
    didn’t “get” what was going on. There were so many things that were
    misconstrued (and mispronounced – Candace said Abby was “dis-SHELVED” (as
    in a shelf, where you place a cup) instead of “dis-SHEV-ld” from the word
    “disheveled”) that it would take another hour-long show to correct it all.
    Also, why, oh why, would you ladies DEFEND Abby’s unprofessional behavior?!
    What in the WORLD?? I really am trying to keep myself from going “total
    bitch,” but I prefer Lexie and Tony. Lexie is always a breath of fresh air,
    and seems to really understand the inner-workings of the show, and Tony is
    just wonderful in every way. Candace is totally lovely, but it seems like
    without help from Lexie and/or Tony, she doesn’t quite grasp what’s
    happening. I’m very sorry to be such a bitch. :(

  • Ashley Russell says:

    I mean why on earth would holly fall back when all of the other girl are
    getting great opportunities to do different things and nia is kind of just
    there. You probably never heard of nia speaking of being a pop star do to
    editing. You should not have to kiss Abby’s ass to get your kid ahead. I
    love that holly stands up for nia. Who else is going to do it? 

  • holly smith says:

    Talia didn’t make the top 5 ….. It’s was maddie then kalani ( even though
    maddie and kalani both had perfect scores ) then Gavin morals the n
    mackenzie morales then someone else….. But Talia didn’t make top 5 !
    Crazy I know..l 


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