Elephants Dancing to Violin!  Adorable!

Me warming up for my performance of the Bach Concerto for Two Violins with the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra at the Circus World Museum in Baraboo, WI. I decid…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

33 Responses to Elephants Dancing to Violin! Adorable!

  • Eleanor Bartsch says:

    Found out elephants LOVE Bach. :)

  • Earl Green says:

    RISE UP EARLY Jeremiah 29:19
    Repeatedly God speaks through Jeremiah about the unheeded warnings He sent
    to the Israelites through the prophets… “ … rising up early and sending
    them:” This part tells me that those called by God to spread His Word
    should not hesitate but ‘rise up early’ and go to where Jesus sends you: to
    your workplaces, to street corners, to your family, Church, lost
    communities – rise up Christians, for Jesus Christ.

  • llissaxo says:

    wow you are all a bunch of party poopers once an animal video comes up
    where they are having fun there’s always the comments saying animal abuse

  • Ralph Roberts says:

    Ah, dancing elephants! And on that note, Goodnight, all!

  • jagofett78studios says:

    For anyone arguing that these elephants are under distress I’d advise you
    to read any article about what elephants do when distressed, like this one
    | when elephants are distressed they tend to console one another by doing
    this as putting their trunks lightly on each others face or in each others
    mouth, not sway gently to music, elephants are wonderful creatures with
    emotions as complex as ours. Now no on will probably read this cause it’s
    to long, or beats your argument, but I would just like it if people took
    this since of communication we all share and look positive on things. Yes I
    know debates a big point, but assumptions, and then bandwagon aren’t
    something we should be doing.

  • Jacob Zondag says:

    Wild animals ought to be in the wild! Not be some ridiculous pantomime
    figures in a human freak youtube show. 

  • NATURE says:

    Elephants are intelligent creatures with complex emotions. They obviously
    love Bach but it’s still a little sad to see them in captivity. I hope they
    have space and are happy.

  • stephanie benesch says:

    Les éléphants aussi aiment Bach :

  • Valerie Pepper says:

    +Andrew Cowley more dancing elephants!

  • Loved By The Light says:
  • Mika Meurs says:

    Can someone explain why they do the head swaying?

  • Captain Morgan says:

    Elephants are intelligent creatures with complex emotions. They obviously
    love Bach but it’s still a little sad to see them in captivity. I hope they
    have space and are happy.

  • Tarek Shalabi says:
  • TTSTampa says:

    Elephants dancing to violin… Need we say more? Happy Friday!
    #elephantlovers #dance #Bach 

  • Brittney Hernandez says:

    Give the girl a break guys. The Elephants aren’t screaming out in any
    distress. They actually look quite comfortable together. And I’d rather
    have an Elephant in this setting, being played music too, instead of a
    Circus, which is quite cruel and hell compared to this.

  • Avi Joseph says:

    Elephants Dancing to Violin

  • Saiko Shiroto says:

    Elephants love music! Yay!

    #animal #elephant #music 

  • OldskolFan says:

    They are African-Americans, from the jungle, they probably prefer something
    with a beat. something with drums, lol.

  • jake jacoby says:

    TO ALL THE IGNORANT PEOPLE! (Who say they are swaying because of distress)
    That is true in somecases.. Not this one… Unless the distress stops right
    when the music does! I mean, you clearly see them stop “dancing” as soon as
    she stops playing the violin. Some people… LOL

  • CreaMundi says:

    It actually is behavior that animals show when restless or in distress.
    Like what you see with animals in a too small environment. So, not a fun
    video. Why do people think elephants behave like humans. They behave like

  • Eric Cardens says:

    To all the faggots in the comment section whining about elephants in
    captivity. Try releasing them, they’d be lucky to survive a month without
    being savagely killed for ivory….

  • yoshibroki says:

    When elephants sway in captivity it’s a sign of depression, its a type of
    tic that comes with being in captivity for years. This elephant is most
    likely depressed and is doing it because it cannot move around in its

  • Rob Jongschaap says:
  • Severus Thnape says:

    “I do say Reginald that melody is quite intoxicating”
    “Indubitably Philip, shall we have a cup of tea and enjoy it?”
    “Heavens no, let us wave our bodies from side to side”

  • TsumiyaTime says:

    Amazing energy (°ロ°)

  • 羅刹国京 says:


  • Aly Dood says:

    Omg the close up of the old man in the beginning wwww

  • W4yN3 N3r0 says:

    Well I caught the Fusion-Ha dance at the beginning.



  • BISだいすき‼ says:


  • 阿良々木暦 says:
  • Tanya37red says:

    They put so much energy into their performances !

  • 火拳の坊主 says:



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