Emily and Teddy perform a Salsa routine choreographed by Jonathan Platero and Oksana Dmytrenko. Subscribe now for more So You Think You Can Dance clips: http://fox.tv/SubscribeFOX See more…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to Emily & Teddy: Top 16 Perform | SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE | FOX BROADCASTING

  • Birdie Wolf says:

    Get rid of Emily or hurry up and bring the All Stars in because every week
    Teddy brings it, but Emily can barely keep up. Ugh.

  • Renee Gilbert says:

    =( A few little bobbles.

  • Leanguy89 says:

    So sad! I think she is one of the best dancers.I hope she doesn’t go next

  • Ângela Crespo says:

    This is not Salsa at all. Not the music, and not the dance. So sad that TV
    is passing such a wrong idea of what these dances really are.

  • Yari Mari says:

    I liked the routine, BUT THIS IS NOT SALSA, PLEASE!!!

  • blaase says:

    Teddy just oozes sexiness. Emily really drags him down, especially in this

  • Mari SM says:

    Emily and Teddy on Top 10

  • Yoli Gonzalez says:

    This isn’t Salsa….worst routine of the evening. The music isn’t
    salsa….it’s more like samba from Brazil and routine was sloppy and stiff.

  • Chloe K says:

    Emily could barely practice for this routine with her shoulder injury, and
    with that being said I think she did good under the circumstances. And she
    recovered from that slip very well. Teddy is just a beast I love him. 

  • Richard Chae says:


  • Frieda Brown says:

    SUTUCD Excerpts were f good forgot to set DVR .Want to shoot my.self,love
    Judges banter

  • Rachel B says:

    Teddy looks like a young David Bowie

  • baris diker says:

    Omg emily has a lot of problems about balance and legs

  • Edjacksonification says:

    Teddy is incredible! Wow! If anyone can beat him, this one is Teddy!

  • ChowMein1368 says:

    Woo! Go teddy! 

  • Beyond.Galaxies 48 says:

    After the trip, Emily seemed to be a little frazzled… Shame since she is
    such a great dancer…. 

  • Laura Crowell says:

    I don’t remember any other routine on this show in the past 11 seasons
    sticking out as badly as this one did. The dancers did okay given the
    circumstances, but this was so weak and sloppy. Nor was this salsa. 

  • Josh Mccoy says:

    This reminded of a dancing with the stars routine. Teddy as the
    professional ballroom dancer (seriously he’s pretty good), and then poor
    Emily the lost celebrity, trying to do a routine that’s just too difficult
    for her and it clearly shows.

  • Tam Simmons says:

    Great recovery! 

  • intan14FA87 says:

    Teddy’s hips don’t lie 🙂 

  • josemariarguedas2 says:

    This show had never had before one of those DWTS-like salsa routines. I
    hope they never have one of those again. That was terrible routine to call
    salsa. That kind of music is terrible too, doesn’t have the feel of salsa
    at all. Dancers did a good work with what they were given, though. Teddy is
    always commited and is really versatile. Emily semeed to have serious
    concerns about everything that was going on, but she pulled off a

  • Xpress271 says:

    Teddy is my favorite! There’s nothing he can’t do! Hope he makes the Top 10

  • Leslie Lang says:

    I like Teddy too. Emily is going to be in trouble next time. She is a
    great dancer but I think the 2 of them together isn’t good. Too bad they
    didn’t move her like Jessica got to move so much. Hope Teddy is going to
    stay because they are getting rid of 4 dancers next week.

  • dancr1604 says:

    If these two are in the bottom 6 it’s because this routine was NOT salsa!
    Horrible song and choreography; I commend these two for doing the best they
    can considering the circumstances.

  • Frieda Brown says:


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