Fik Shun | World of Dance Live | FRONTROW | Citywalk 2014 #WODLIVE '14

Fik Shun | World of Dance Live | FRONTROW | Citywalk 2014 #WODLIVE ’14 | Song: Strange Artist: Apollo G’eeze Dance Videos FIRST at the new http://WORLDOFDANCE.COM #worldofdance Like it! Share…

Jabbawockeez perform at Tremaine Dance Convention in Orlando, Florida. Featuring @Punkee_JBWKZ, @PHI_JBWKZ, @TonyTran_JBWKZ Now Playing – Jabbawockeez presen…

31 Responses to Fik Shun | World of Dance Live | FRONTROW | Citywalk 2014 #WODLIVE ’14

  • Paul Spoerry says:

    *Fik Shun | World of Dance Live | FRONTROW | Citywalk 2014 **#WODLIVE** ’14*
    Fik Shun proving why he was the season 10 winner of So You Think You Can
    #Dance #SYTYCD 

  • Brad Leclerc says:

    Not usually my thing, but this certainly is something. Looks nearly fake at
    some points. Craziness.

  • Jenni Faryad says:


  • whoisblackx says:

    Lookin at these comments just my eyes. I have respect for Fik Shun but
    here’s something you guys need to understand… He’s not the best… most
    moves he do already been done before. Sure he has musicality and a few
    moves that takes some time to master but that’s it…nothing new he’s
    basic.. I could name plenty of dancers that’ll destroy this dude in battle.
    This whole “Fikshun Addicshun” stuff is annoying

  • Damien Taulien says:

    *Day-um**, this guy’s got some moves.*
    You don’t have to be into dance (I’m certainly not) to appreciate Fik
    Shun’s ability.

  • L-Popcorn says:

    This guy is a phenomenon! So insane!!!

  • Mason C says:

    This guy is just now doing what the best dancers have been doing for years
    now. *Slow Claps*

  • Wolf Revels says:

    Not usually my thing, but this certainly is something. Looks nearly fake at
    some points. Craziness.

  • Charles Simms says:




  • Moree Hall says:

    Yass fik-shun. You and Les Twins are the Dancerz of this generations. LUV
    -just my opinion

  • Wade Jones says:

    Fun stuff!

  • Evgenia tzinalove says:

    wow! it’s fucking amazing

  • MrCallmesensei says:

    funny how fast the clicks rise after it appeared on 9gag tv

  • ThizzaGamingChannel says:

    What is the first song with the orchestra and violins and stuff?

  • MINI HEART TV says:


  • thevizualassassin says:

    Phi, Tony, and… Im guessing Joe

  • Abnovelists says:

    What happened to the rest of them?

  • Ryna Rynaa says:

    2:24 the best i love it

  • Jett PlaneMC says:

    Your dancing is awesome also I dare you guys all to do the ice challenge is
    24 hours anyone who agrees comment and like this. 

  • Yael_YT says:

    song at 2:23

  • Thriller26 says:

    I Love Jabba But This Was One Of Their Weakest Performances I’ve EVER
    Seen. And Why Are There Only 3 Of Them? Jabbabwockeez Are Old News.
    DRAGON HOUSE Is The New Shit!! The Best Dance Crew Out Now…For Those Who
    Don’t Know. Search For Dragon House Half Time Show and Dragon House
    Dubstep. You’ll Be Hooked. GUARAN”DAMN”TEE IT!!

  • phunkmasterchicken says:

    What was tht song at the very end im in love with the beat

  • Larissa M says:

    Come to Brazil! <3

  • Raymond Tjahja says:

    Does anyone know the song on 3:00 and 5:30 ?

  • Martin Cumberland says:

    Ahh the classic 3 muskee

  • EyesofPhysics SRG says:

    Let’s sing the Instalok song in a comment chain:
    Thresh hook! Pull you from afar…

  • Jamal Mcwilliams says:

    these men just did to these beats???!!!They came ready they look so hungry
    or more confident, too many doubters in Jabbawockeez lately by those who
    lack proper attention to detail… I feel like this was a wake up smack
    like yo WE are MASTERS at this. YO i dk but i dont think they move at
    regular speed throughout the entire performance, are you guys aware they
    control the tempo of movement from the intro? They literally create their
    own space/time continuum of their own and can control it freely. They do
    it so effortlessly. And it’s always good to catch another episode in the
    jabbawockeez world, lol its so rare that we get to see their mastery at
    miming outside of nasty choreo. They showed out like literally showed out
    on all fronts, lol their swagger is like a “come’re kid look at this and
    they take your imagination and paint beautiful visuals. Their musicality is
    like on SSJ God levels and if you can’t really see the visual musical
    antics these guys pull out i feel bad for you.

  • tommy velazquez says:

    song? 1:13

  • marlon sanchez says:

    cual es el nombre de la canción en el minuto 3:30
    por favor?

  • Maru Bosso says:

    What’s the name of the last song?

  • Oualid MK says:

    I can’t stop Watching this again and again…


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