Sitya loss Eddy Kenzo Leka Nzine Ghetto Kids Dancing Sitya Loss New Ugandan music 2014 DjDinTV.

22 Responses to Ghetto Kids Dancing Sitya Loss New Ugandan music 2014 DjDinTV

  • Ahmad Fifi says:

    I love Africa and African people!
    They are the are very friendly and affable. I would love to visit Africa
    and learn more about the African culture.
    Love from Arabia.

  • Tony Nyangi says:

    Simple but quite catchy, no flashy cars or hot beauties but for some reason
    it still went viral….this is AFRICA…proud of you lads.

  • Steve Kameroon says:

    La beauté,l’insouciance,le bonheur à l’état pur..pas besoin d’opéra ni de
    zénith,même sur une route poussiéreuse ces ados pauvres de kampala laisse
    parler leur joie de vivre..Belle leçon de vie même dans le désespoir total.

  • Sal' ome says:

    3:11 I thought the man would dance too haha

  • Asedri Amin Amin says:

    Ladies and gentlemen I don’t want you to be fooled, the only thing true
    about this video is the music, the rest is made up to get attention from
    To prove my point, watch British documentary about the ghetto kids. Also
    learn more about the singer Eddy Konzy
    who lives in pure luxury and has been on tour in London and USA. His video
    went viral because he made these kids dance barefoot, strips them from
    their normal outfits, make them look like school dropouts, then make them
    dance on dirt with no stage while HE lives in upper middle class western
    settings. He get paid millions of dollars while the kids went home to their
    parents with a few local Ugandan currency. 

  • DaLeadBull says:

    Cool video but this is very well put together. A little too well put
    together in fact, I doubt they came up with this on their own. Hopefully,
    no one is exploiting them for their personal gain. 

  • Circeveneta says:

    Ah… s’ils savaient bosser comme ils dansent … L’Afrique serait à le
    tête du monde !

  • SlickRickOne says:

    Fake! I can’t see Kalashnikovs.

  • Vega Trinity says:

    Beautiful music and dancing…true talent

  • Obsidian Sunmoon says:

    Yes!!!!! I love it! These kids are so amazing. I love you Africa! Africa
    forever!!!!!!!! Just unparalleled talent. Blessings my young brothers and
    sisters. Hotep!

  • aceytoja says:

    this video is malarious

  • Elias P says:

    Is it me or is that paper boy doin nothin but shakin his butt but still
    funny =D

  • Nancy Grace says:

    Best song ever, guys watch awesome africa
    Ghetto Kids Dancing Sitya Loss New Ugandan music …:

  • Sam Said says:

    je suis fan je mate cette video tous les jours, j adorerai danser avec eu,
    ils sont super, beau, formidable, il y a pas de mots pour décrire le
    bonheur que je ressent quant je visionne cette video. 

  • Ongaku says:

    Who the hell watches this?

  • Chibi Sakura Shin says:

    These kids are awesome they are an inspiration to me ! I love African dance
    there is so much energy!

  • Jean Rahman says:

    I love the life and love of these beautiful children….the music brought
    me back to my roots….Oh Africa Oh Africa, The Motherland….

  • Racca Soko says:

    Wow! I just like these kids. I was like them exactly.And I just love the
    simplicity in this video. This is how we celebrate humanity in our beloved
    continent, Africa. We don’t care about your millions of dollars, your
    mansions, luxurious cars and hotels. They are all worthless because they
    can not save you from the angel of death. Our days are numbered in this
    world including all our activities. Every moment of our lives is of great

  • Jan Colbert says:

    What an amazing song! makes you feel happy! After all we are part of one
    world. Peace to the world!

  • Evonne Kimutai says:

    The Joy of being African. Freedom to dance….LOVE IT. 

  • kleve fross says:


  • João Valério Jacinto says:

    Muito legal,toda a grande diversidade cultural. Tai,o contagiante som
    musical “Ugandense”,e as belezas africanas.


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