️watch the part 2 here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6St8gJBRhrk❗️❗️❗️⬅️⬅️⬅️ Atown – Good Morning To You The Birds Are Chirping…

21 Responses to Good morning to you the birds are chirping – birds dance compilation

  • Obiwan Kenobi says:

    That guys teeth looks like when you have a tic tac and you leave it in your
    mouth and it gets small and thin…. 0_0

  • William skagen says:

    1:09 That’s like actuall breasts on that boy o.o

  • Tht0neL3gend says:

    Black people…

  • GTA5IsoMods says:

    Fucked but that man with no arms made me laugh

  • robin bromfield says:

    Omg I feel bad for the guy with no arms but him and the fist guy killed it

  • Debora Grano says:
  • Zea Johnson says:

    mst WHITE PEOPLE HAVE NO RHYTHM…they messed up the video

  • Mauricio Perez says:

    I was laughing until the white girls 

  • amir Abdullah says:

    Why are all these fat niggas on this video

  • hank soles says:

    White people fuck everything up

  • Keonè Reynolds says:

    I feel awful laughin at dude wit the nubs BUT it wouldn’t be on the
    internet if it wasn’t supposed to be laughed at sooo…

  • Da Bewty. says:

    White people don’t fuck up everything. Those girls just did. Some white
    people can dance.

  • kriz earl says:

    white people have no rhythm ?…and yeah thats right give all the credit to
    the black people on this video for looking like damn fools…making
    themselves look like fools

  • imgoofyandogoofythings O well says:

    The one with no arms made me uncomfortable. 

  • Teh Light says:

    Im not being funny or racists but why can i only see in the comments black
    people moaning about white this is what fucks up our world sort yourselfs
    out because i bet you if it was the other way round all you pricks will be
    moaning stop fucking moaning white people black people and fucking half
    cast people are not better than each other because of there colour
    everybodys equal shut the fuck up!

  • Candace Owens says:

    Good morning to you the birds are chirping – birds dance compilation:

  • Sam Chilton says:

    To all the racist bastards here: Stop assuming that all white people are
    bad at dancing. A lot of famous people got famous from first dancing. And
    some of us arent even girls that have no talent. Just because 2 untalented
    people tried to dance, doesnt mean white people are bad at dancing. Go
    ahead and hate on me, because I have done my homework on this subject, so
    come at me!

  • Everything4405 says:

    every mf in this video is ugly as fuck lmao!

  • Jabari Mack says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  • colecutbeats69 says:

    Those white girls were the best. The rest were looking like Fat Albert and
    his cronies lol.

  • jazzabel zion says:

    who is the lil boy with the black hat tho lmaoooo i love him lmaook


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