Watch the man known best as Tywin Lannister shut down a question he deems beneath him at an Imitation Game Q&A. Subscribe for more Vanity Fair videos: http:/…

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18 Responses to Here’s Why You Don’t Interrupt Game of Thrones’s Charles Dance

  • bububububak says:

    lol at all of you analyzing when there’s nothing to analyze…

  • Karl-Johan Embretsen says:

    Don’t interrupt the The Lord Of The Rock, Warden Of The West!

  • Uncle Joe says:

    My guess is that the two were homosexuals but not part of the gay

  • thedancingcabbage says:

    Um I’m also quite foggy about this. Basically what I’m getting is that they
    are homosexuals but they aren’t happy (gay) because they’re being

  • drraver901 says:

    Sound engineers, do you know them?

  • Matthew Lin says:

    lmao he looked like macklemore when he was younger

  • Paul Weaver says:

    Was not it the conference deducated to the “immitation game” rather the
    “game of thrones”? What’s Keira Knightley
    doing there?

  • Nicolás Antonio Jiménez says:

    I’m not sure I follow here. I’m as confused as the guy who interrupted.

  • Celedam says:

    It’s not that difficult, people: he meant that “homosexual” is a sexual
    orientation but “gay” is an overall lifestyle.

  • Jumping Sherlockian says:

    This may be weird but I think Charles Dance would make a great Sherlock
    Holmes… He sort of seems like an old Jeremy Brett

  • venhom says:

    Don’t ask him the difference, ask the guy who said he’s a homo but isn’t
    guy, tywin is only sharing the story

  • Dhiraj Reddy says:

    He is not dancing clearly we can say, bottom part is some others legs and
    above part is he trying to match it. If u mix both it doesn’t mean he is
    dancing don’t try to fool us :/

  • sazzad hossain says:

    he is a awesome player,no confusion. but I think here maximum steps done by
    others as per video !( who knows videography can understand ) 

  • AF A says:

    There was a message in the ad, “shine in my shoes”. When he unveiled his
    latest panties last month, the message in the ad was, “shine in my panties”.

    He also broke a new record few days ago: he has successfully didn’t score
    from free kicks during his last 51 attempts. 

  • Prathik Rajendran M says:

    I am pretty sure when zoom in on the legs it is someone else’s

  • zlatan vukasinovic says:

    He’s a soccer player. They are known to very flexible. And as a soccer
    player he develops a certain rhythm. It is quite possible that’s him
    dancing. We are just conditioned to believe everything is fake. That way we
    don’t question anything.

  • Noman Ghiasy says:
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  • GOD OF TROLLS says:

    this nigger has lost his mind!!!smdh


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