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24 Responses to How To Dance Like A White Girl

  • Michael Highwind says:

    These dance moves aren’t just limited to “white girls.”

    ::lowers white boy head in shame:: 

  • Alex RK says:

    Hahaha, I love Julian. Everyone needs to lighten up about these videos :P

  • Erin Kristova says:

    It’s amazingly sad that people making comments on here don’t realize this
    video is meant to be a JOKE. Smh. So much racism and of course it’s by
    people who aren’t white. Hm… makes you realize the “true” racists who
    exist. Hypocrites.

  • Xhodan Xeus says:

    Who is your Hot Girlfriend in the Video? I mean Jenna your hot but your
    Girlfriend damn and her dance moves!!!!

  • Evelyn Navarro says:

    That Mexican music tho. Turn Up ! lol

  • ItsRuthiee says:

    what the hell??? i’ve go clubbing a lot and i never see this. must be an
    american thing 

  • Ji Akira says:

    This isn’t funny at all.

  • Hailey M. says:

    saying all white people are racist is racist. just saying.

  • taylormaid1swt says:

    You look really pretty in this video 

  • Nahrain's GlamBeauty says:

    Wait am I right or wrong does she have 14 million subs

  • Miss Anita says:

    That’s racist against white girls. Not cool.

  • Benjamin Styles says:

    I did a Youtube search for “how to dance” and I was kinda serious about
    finding an actual video to learn how to dance. But then I found this, and
    now I never want to dance again… Oh well.

  • Neha Nagpal says:

    dude he looks like a female neanderthal 

  • Crescendo says:

    Maybe you should make a video on how black girls “dance”.

  • Kari Nicole says:

    These are so accurate hahahaha

  • BlaCk SmOke says:

    White people are the only race on the planet that doesn’t have any rhythm. 

  • OhsnapItsAriana Grande' says:

    I got one less problem with out you
    +Its Ari 

  • Emily The It says:

    I’m a white girl, but accepting to my friends I’m not a stereotypical white
    girl. Well today I sat down at the school for lunch, and I said hi to one
    of my friends. She was really distracted and didn’t hear me. I started
    saying in the most obnoxiously girly voice, “Oh my gosh Vanessa oh my gosh
    you like didn’t say hi to me” over and over again. After about a minute I
    stop and say normally, “I sounded like such a white girl.” Then I look at
    my really pale hand and say, “Oh wait. I am a white girl.”

  • Medusa says:

    Kay i’ve watched this (fucking awesome) video a few times but i still don’t
    get where the “why can’t i dance on the bar?” hand jesture is from or what
    it means, can anyone help me out here? XD

  • TheEternalTriumphant says:

    A self-hating, ridiculous white bitch who has completely bought into the
    anti-white hatred of today’s filthy, Africanized American society and her
    homosexual friend mocking themselves. THEMSELVES. The fact you all have
    become so accustomed to referring to yourselves as white “girls” and “white
    boys” is a sign of how sick and far fucking gone you all are. Meanwhile,
    you have “black women” and “black men.” But no, you’re all “gilrs and
    boys.” There’s a typical victim below even defending herself with, “I’m not
    a typical white girl.”

    So there are no typical, say, blacks. ‘Cause they’re all special
    snowflakes. But whites, ah, we’re “typical.”

    How motherfucking revolting.

    Watch the first waste of liberal trash pop out of the woodwork to call me
    his favorite “r”-word now. You fucking demented, lost children.

  • Susan Morrison says:

    Julian looks pretty hot in this video xDD

  • Sicily Brocato says:

    Julian wins bae of the year award.

  • Mya Lachance says:

    Moq is my girl crush now

  • Cristina Oprescu says:

    julian must love her a lot to dress up like that ahahaha


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