So fun!!! Benjamin Allen is a dancer and a choreographer, working as a professional in Los Angeles for nearly a decade. Today, he has something special to sh…
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MIXED BY KLAJFI ✯Życzę wszystkim miłego słuchania mojego kanału. Chcesz być na bieżąco? Subskrybuj mój kanał. Jeśli podoba Ci się…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

22 Responses to Learn A Great New Dance For (And With) Your Kids!

  • mathew2283 says:

    The Internet, where dancing children get hate. You should really be ashamed
    of yourselves. What do you do on weekends? Go to the local park and take
    the piss out of kids playing sports?

  • 2010penguinluver says:

    I don’t think the girl was acting out at all. She is obviously good at
    dancing and she loves dancing so she wants to show people about it. She is
    getting into the dance, so it makes her show those face expressions, that’s
    apart of dance too. 

  • Roxscy says:

    That girl can probably out dance you and your crew at them battles. hahaha

  • Ashton Meyer says:

    Thanks so much for this +Perez Hilton my daughter has been building a
    passion for dance. She watches all the dancing movies and is just got
    introduced into a free dance class. I told her that she can follow her
    dreams. I’m working hard and going to school full time and would love to
    get her into dance. We are looking at the different places here but I’m
    going to show her your videos and have her start with some of this. It’s
    great what you are doing and the passion you have. Thank you again!

  • John Chhoeum says:

    Why do you guys and girls hate them for there just like doing dancing and
    they like to become a dance Learner you don’t have to hate them really I’m
    13 and I want to Learn even the moves and all that’s stuff people say that
    your moves suck well so ignore them and move on that’s what we do so really
    just let people do what they really got to do you know and sometime I can’t
    explain it right like on the comment what I saying so if you want to do
    something all you need is to just let everything out 🙂 and it will come
    true trust me 🙂 

  • Parker Persson says:

    Ma homey on the left has some fucking sweg.

  • gem Austin says:

    So refreshing to see such confident and creative young people! The girl is
    especially good, she’s giving it so much attitude! She is an inspiration to
    young girls everywhere :-)

  • Lucky Girl says:

    Wow!! The nastiness here. What kind of person hates on and criticizes a
    little girl for her happiness and confidence in something positive and fun
    that she’s mastered? You’re disgusting…

  • Rhena Bundick says:

    Ummmmm she is pretty cool! She’s a professional dancer y’all! That’s
    charlize glass from 8 flavas ABDC ( Americas best dance crew )

  • Fi O'Connor says:

    Thank you so much Benjamin Allen! I am a teacher in London, England and you
    have just solved my dance dilemma for next half term – big big thanks!!

  • tiffany le says:

    That is just so cute and cool

  • mario morales says:

    Imwish iwas dancing but at least im skinny for some dance moves,and im in
    gymnastics and in abby lee dance company

  • Brian Toh says:

    The girl sucks

  • Hazelflaca Flaca says:

    Everybody focusing on the girl there is 2 other people dancing that girl Is
    so confident to show her face in that camera 

  • Jon Breen says:

    Thanks Benjamin! I am a Peace Corps Volunteer out in Albania, and am
    teaching a fitness/dance class with the local kids. We are starting with
    basics, as group fitness is pretty new for many in the villages here. This
    video was really helpful and easy to follow. I know they are going to love
    learning these moves. You rock!

  • Void Box says:

    hi love your dances keep doing what you are doing i am 9 and my bff is here
    . my school dun this it was good and fun <3

  • Hannah Blaze says:

    thanks you helped me so much

  • BestPartyMusic says:
  • dawid szuland says:

    tytuł pierwszej nuty ????????

  • WOT says:

    Daj link do pobrania !!!

  • Windows Vista says:

    Gdzie te fajne dupy ?! Weszłem tylko tutaj tylko po to. Myślałem, że to
    jakiś teledysk z laskami. Dlatego łapka na dół.

  • DjKacperSki says:

    Zajefajna muza :)


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