This time Ria teaches you the steps to the song Manwa Laage, from upcoming movie Happy New Year. This was Part 1, check out Part 2 right here: http://youtu.b…
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Music video by Passion performing God’s Great Dance Floor (feat. Chris Tomlin). (P) (C) 2013 sixstepsrecords/Sparrow Records. All rights reserved. Unauthoriz…

37 Responses to Manwa Laage || Part 1 || Easy Dance Steps || Happy New Year ||

  • Neha Saiyan says:

    Hey Ria. Very graceful. Have almost decided to do this for my devars
    sangeet. Do you have any other suggestions…. I am married into a marwadi
    family so baby doll kind of stuff won’t do for a bahut to dance on…

  • sonal jain says:

    Great dance…when is part 2 coming up?

  • Sarna Sutradhar says:

    Hi Ria can u dance on Saree ke fall se for ur next song. I would loved to
    dance with u on Saree ke fall se. That’s an request plzzzzzzz dance on
    “Saree ke fall se”!!!♥♥♥♥

  • Bollywood Dance says:
  • Mable Thomas says:

    awesome job!!!!

  • Priyanka Behera says:

    Can you please dance on hangover from kick please . I want to perform that
    song for an occasion :)

  • hamda ameer says:

    plz make a tutorial on main lovely ho gai song plz

  • Kripa87 says:

    love the video..can please do jeene lagaho pehlese zaada from ramaya
    varsatiya…couple dance can you please do that..tnk you so much

  • Sufail Mkutty says:

    I like ur choreography. 

  • Kirti singh says:

    Best dance & plz dance on radha

  • Dhru Mehtha says:
  • Nikul Patel says:

    Suprp choreography… awsm…

  • Samia Rahman says:

    Hi .. u r just awesome…. I hav a req.. can u pls choreograph “chalka
    chalke re ” song ..
    Keep uploading and I hope u will fulfill my req soon
    Take care :)

  • I Love Praise And Worship says:

    It’s time to dance for what Jesus did for us! 

  • Veronica Holmes says:

    Get out depression or sadness today.
    I need to dance in God’s great dance floor!
    God bless your September =) 

  • Thabisile Cele says:

    My Lord…. I just LOOOOOVE this song *DANCING* 

  • Elna Kruger says:

    It’s time to dance for what Jesus did for us! 

  • LifeWithGod99 says:

    I see this and don`t get me wrong, I don`t want to be that killjoy guy but
    this is too worldy. Jesus told us not to love the world and how is this
    song if not worldy… Are those people in the video really worshiping Jesus
    or their emotions make then think they do? We started to worship God
    without even asking Him if He agrees with the way we do it. So the way we
    like to do it must always be the way God likes? No, our ways are so far
    away from God!.

    Especially in our dark days, we should stay so much closer to Jesus and
    far away from the world.. I know, probably I`ll get some hate comments but
    better say the truth and be hated then saying untrue words just to please
    people but lead them on the wrong path.

  • Timothy R. French says:

    Passion – God’s Great Dance Floor (feat. Chris To…:

  • itamar de Luna says:

    Quien me invitaria a un concierto de chris tomlin???? :-)

  • Mita Gomez says:


    Jump, skip, and run before the Lord! To be free from depression, and
    discouragement must sweat.. 😀 :D

  • Tim Wirth says:

    Ive gotta say that I have loved very much what Chris has wrote in the
    past. Is this song focused on God or us? Worship and praise music (of any
    style should be focused on Him not us). Many of these young people will
    walk away thinking they had an encounter or experience with God and really
    it was just a bunch of emotion. Better alternative than going to an
    Aerosmith concert? Maybe. But at least with Aerosmith you what your
    getting. In my opinion Christianity is blurring the lines way to much.I
    played in big name professional bands for years and now praise and worship
    is structured the same way our concerts were. Dont get me wrong much of
    what Chris has written in the past I believed honored God greatly. Now its
    sad that he could be on the same slippery slope much of Christianity is
    on.Plus using Jesus Culture at Passion? Really. A band rooted out of Bill
    Johnson’s Bethel School of Clairvoyance you want to expose young people to
    them? Good luck with that. This is all very sad. People really need to get
    back into the scriptures and study some end times teaching. Not against
    dancing (that’s biblical) or having fun but ask your self who is getting
    the glory here? God. Just because we are jumping around in His name? If all
    these thousands of people who go to these events and attend the huge
    churches had truly saved , converted lives our culture would be quite
    different than the one we have in America today. Lives are not being
    changed. Just a lot of pumped up emotion that goes away a day or two after
    the show is over. Very sad.

  • Jennifer Gatlin says:

    Passion – God’s Great Dance Floor (feat. Chris To…:

  • Zhang Amber says:
  • Alex Domínguez says:

    En un mundo paralelo…

  • Jesus Jaquez says:

    That awesome peace that is only found with the lord, Amen !

  • James Kozak says:

    Passion – God’s Great Dance Floor (feat. Chris Tomlin)

  • Lindokuhle Madondo says:

    Epic Praise!!!

  • MOSHE MOIMEN says:


  • mike dillon says:

    Which arena is this in ?

  • luke thomas says:

    Let the music and the spirit move us with great passion 

  • Dhavisha Mojhoa says:

    The best joy ever, dancing for the Almighty God!

  • Zachy Boo says:

    Great Song,solid song But not a doubt on my mind that Half of that Big
    audiences Majority is not even Christians maybe they call themselves
    Christians but not Truly SAVED…..But hey GREAT Song huh I like it. 

  • gzuzfrk says:

    I want to hear more from the horn section!

  • russ mcmanus says:
  • Andressa Gomes says:


  • Leslie Taylor says:



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