The mother-son slow dance is always a memorable and emotional custom during wedding receptions. Watch as Jared and his mom decide to put their own twist on t…

Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas Freestyle dance to “Super Mario Bros” from Nintendo on Dancing with the Stars’ Judges’ Pick/Freestyle Night! Subscribe: http:…
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39 Responses to Mother and son perform epic wedding dance

  • Liz Abella says:

    They can’t dance but that was still beautiful good job

  • Mzz Lola says:

    It doesnt matter if they can or cannot dance. This was not a dance
    competition or audition right? I am sure this was for enjoyment and will
    surely be a great memory for their family. 

  • Bradon32 says:

    This bothers me. You poses this as a spontaneously captured mother/son
    dance, but the camera work tips your hand.

    There is money behind this, and you’re trying to make even more money off a

  • jxcess3891 says:

    weddings are a waste of money, time and life long embarrasments

  • Lulu Bell says:

    I thought this mom was charming, I liked MC hammer one.

  • Jason Wright says:

    Why is he wearing vans at his wedding :(

  • Sherry AbbottBrooks says:

    what a treasure.. this mother gave her son a memory to last far after she
    has left this world.. the one of the greatest gifts we can give our
    children are beautiful memories..

  • robert mikinka says:

    This right here is so priceless and well very funny also.

    Just watch it 

  • misplacednewyawker says:

    That was weird how close he was to his mother . I will just leave it at
    that . 

  • skyhuntergr says:

    ofc they had fun and all but I really can’t see the “epicness” the title
    suggests here. sorry.

  • Citizen Cain says:

    These parents are such good sports. I don’t think I could do it. lol
    What parents will do for the love of their children. lol

  • Caitlin D'Monster says:

    This gives me douche chills! You know what’s good? Something that hasn’t
    been done by 100000000000 other people already…trying to copy the very
    few that were actually good several years ago. Now, it’s just lame,
    especially when you can’t dance for shit.

  • CourageAndy533 says:

    The United States needs to stop funding Israel. They have recently killed
    over 200 Palestinians.

  • eldon498 says:

    I more surprised how young he looks. I better not a day over 21.

  • KeliSue Johnson says:

    You did great-don’t let some sour-nasty attitudes ruin it for you. The SIX
    THOUSAND who liked it outweigh the lonely little people who didn’t. All
    their nasty comments will come back on them. Your age group-Vans are the in
    thing- not my style but NOT MY WEDDING- or ANYONE else’s. If it’s what you
    liked that’s All that matters. Again-GREAT JOB!!!

  • onextoronto says:

    I hope they won’t get divorce!

  • Gabriele Brunsch says:

    What a wonderful idea – mother and son – (They must have been practising
    for the son’s wedding party quite a while before!) I think it is just great
    – funny and full of fantasy and love! Full of tolerance – made for the
    relatives and friends – the old ones and the new ones – who should see, for
    the first time, that here is a family who loves being uniquely fresh and
    full of good ideas and fantasy!!!!!!
    Good atmosphere – awesome one man says – and he is right!
    I thank you for posting this video – and just forget about all these
    negative postings – people often are just bad and only see the negative,
    because they are made this way – you made the world shine for some happy
    moments – THANK YOU!!!

  • Scott Zaccagnini says:

    Sadie should have won. She won my heart with her innocence, sweetness and
    dancing ability without any prior training. Both Bethany and Janel are
    bitches who think they are better than anyone else. Ever notice the snotty
    way Bethany reacts after the others dance? And Janel is too full of
    herself. Alfonso is almost a professional so it kind of is not fair he

  • Madison Burgess says:

    Can’t believe this beat Bethany… Like its a cute idea but it shouldn’t
    take you to the finals… 

  • Yotto O. says:

    Sadie and Mark were robbed. Their freestyle was the most original and
    entertaining dance I’ve ever seen on the show, and the one I’ve watched
    nearly 50+ times. Their freestyle also happens to have the most views and
    likes on YouTube, more than any other couple. That’s a strong indication
    that the majority of people liked their freestyle the best too. According
    to YouTube, Sadie and Mark’s freestyle has 1.6 million views with 7k likes,
    while Alfonso and Witney’s freestyle only has about 400k views with 2.5k
    likes. Also, look at the front of Dancing with the Star’s Facebook page.
    Their post from two days ago featuring Alfonzo and Witney’s freestyle only
    has 74,000 likes. But their post from just a few hours ago featuring Sadie
    and Mark’s freestyle already has over 146,000 likes. That should tell ya
    something. Sadie is the TRUE people’s champion! I, personally, think the
    show is rigged and the win was thrown to Alfonso. The producers are going
    to give the trophy to whoever they choose. Oh, well. Nothing I can do about
    it. :-/

  • ShockMe1994 says:

    you people that fight over this shit are pathetic. The public votes. I
    didn’t vote, I don’t watch the show, I watched a couple of times to see
    Chong & I just seen this so I clicked it & I have to say, pretty cool Mario
    dance but really your morons to fight about a dance show.

  • Crispy Toast says:

    If there happens to be a gigantic Blue Spiny Shell, the entire world is

  • Susan Pace says:

    why has sadie went to the finals? she is a alright dancer, but she should
    not have been in finals. her show is just about people that kill ducks and
    then laugh about it. not right. only reason she is on t.v. thanks to her
    i did not watch last nights show. i did not think i could take it if i
    saw them just give her the trophy. she is reality , not a real celebrity.
    do not think i will change my mind. duck dynasty is a show i will never

  • Crystal L. Glenn says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  • Nintendo derp says:

    Probably the craziest thing I’ve seen from dancing with the stars even
    though I don’t watch it.

  • sWooZie says:

    Wow. Just WOW!!! Everything was on point here from the music to the
    choreography to how amazing the set was!

  • theNecksLevel says:
    This link doesn’t give you the version from the show. I want the version
    from the show with the awesome bass and beat.

  • Rachel Pelton says:

    The reason why this dance was better is because Sadie did a lot more than
    Bethany did. Derek really dumbed his dances down for Bethany. She honestly
    doesn’t do much movement (difficult movement I mean). Derek just knows how
    to make her look like she is doing a great job. So I think this dance
    deserved to win. Nice job Sadie. :)

  • Naomi Marie says:

    this is an awesome video

  • Jo Wats says:

    I wonder how many hurdles did ABC (or Disney) went through to get
    permission from Nintendo to use the Mario theme on their show. Knowing
    Nintendo as a company, they tend to be a stickler when someone else uses
    their product to do a show. I remember at this year’s Evo (the biggest
    fighting game tournament annually), Nintendo prohibited a company from
    streaming their game. I forgot what the reason was but the fact the
    company was getting FREE promotion from the stream was ridiculous
    considering the tournament was saying good things about the game and it was
    showing how fun the game is

  • samsonite8881 says:


  • Michael Duarte says:

    Alright this is just too cool.

  • Dancing with the Stars says:

    Congrats to our runner-up couple, Sadie Robertson & Mark Ballas, on a
    tremendous run on #DWTS!

  • Esha Shrivastava says:

    Super swag

  • Benjamin Aquino says:

    Here is the dance on Dancing with the Stars with Mario & Princess Peach.
    This will be one to remember guys. Just coming of Nintendo Day too! Woo

  • mariah9231 says:

    Mark Ballas always has some of the most creative freestyle choreographs 

  • Sienna Golden says:

    I love sadie so much she’s such an amazing dancer for someone who’s never
    danced before in her life. It was honestly a tie for me between her and
    Janel. I love Janel so much and I love Sadie. But neither of them won so I
    was disappointed. 

  • OneRandomGamer ! says:

    Anyone else watched itJust because it was Super Mario?

  • crazychick96100 says:

    some Mario Kart sounds awesome right about now.


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