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19 Responses to Navrai Majhi English Vinglish Bollywood Dance( meh

  • vdivya sridevi says:

    kunal sir really very nice choreography.we are performing same song,same
    steps in my school with my students.And especially yours energetic steps
    are very nice.:)

  • iashrai says:

    The guy is much better at dancing in my opinion. He seems less hesitant.

  • Sailee Korgaonkar says:

    Really nice choreography. This video helped me doing the dance perfectly in
    the exam.

  • Shweta Sharma says:

    My 11 years old daughter Medha loved the moves and especially Kunal sir ‘s
    !! His grace surpasses the girls in the video 🙂 easy to learn steps Kunal
    …keep it up !!

  • Sameeksha Jain says:

    Awesome dance..
    I loved it, sir plz step by step video upload kar dijiye

  • Sumathi Reddy says:

    Nicely choreographed.. Liked it a lot..

  • Mahima Mukundan says:

    They are not dancing on their own!! that guy is teaching ’em!! observe the
    glass windows while they are dancing!!

  • Kanak Shaha says:

    I love this sing

  • Sameeksha Jain says:

    Awesome dance..
    I loved it, sir plz step by step video upload kar dijiye

  • Neha Chaware says:

    superb perfomance…and specially you the yellow T-shirt..your dance is
    fabulous…you brought an energy into dance….i liked it very much..All
    the Best.

  • Aditi Upadhyaya says:

    Love ur dance

  • Rohan Gosavi says:

    overall nicely coreographed..
    the tendulkar girl is cutee.. :P

  • Marwa Majdoub says:

    Super Dance i like it ^__^

  • Shreya Agrawal says:

    Sir can you please upload a video of step by step performance of navrai
    majhi song.I really like your steps want to learn and dance for the
    same.Please.. do reply me after reading.

  • Laltesh Agrawal says:

    the girl with the shortest is superb the other r

  • Ishan Kadam says:

    awesome :P

  • David Selvie says:

    v.nice choreography… nice it

  • belinda joseph says:

    me and my group had to do an dance from Asia we turned you tube upside down
    and we couldn’t find a normal dance when we finally found this we were like
    bless y’all 4 the dance is amazing

  • manish pushkar says:

    the girl in the middle ,damn hmmmm


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