Superb,Hot Arabic Belly Dance Alex Delora

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  • Laura Guirguis says:

    Very nice. Good job. Surprisingly, many of them are not Middle Eastern
    descent. Belly Dancing practiced all over the world, many nationalities
    entertain and compete. 

  • Henny Vergeest says:

    wat een heerlijke dans echt iets voor jouw samantha hoppa

  • FrankWhite604 says:


  • bellydancerinanna says:

    Practice makes perfect all I can say is drum solos take lots of practice to
    be good and it shows your skill. This girl took a long time to get as good
    as she has, so all I tell people is practice makes perfect.

  • HÜRREM Dünyası \ Мир ХЮРРЕМ says:

    Боже, как шикарно! Как четко отработано, проигрывает все ритмы мышцами. Не
    оторваться просто!

  • TheHelleri says:

    Only up to 360p? I feel robbed.

  • arturothecook says:

    All of those moves must likely require years of learning and practice.

  • Tamzidul Islam says:

    wonderful body combination with belly dance music. nice to watch.

  • Gary Rust says:

    I find no fault in this Belly Dancer. I wash my hands of Alex Delora.
    Take her away!
    What kind of judge are you, anyway? Get a job. All you do is watch.

  • Amr Badawii says:

    Superb,Hot Arabic Belly Dance Alex Delora:

  • zoala001 says:

    I like belly dance but I feel like its not as graceful and sexy as persian
    dancing. the only difference between persian and belly dance is the hand
    movements and also in persian dancing girls dance slower. they don’t only
    shake their breasts and butts. I like a couple of their dances. search for
    Persian dance number one. that girl is not a professional dancer and there
    is no rule in her dance. its much more entertaining than this. I don’t know
    maybe I don’t like this video because of the music. 

  • abhishek dandona says:

    yup, im still hungry

  • luna love says:

    Anyone know this song?

  • Mayaserrella says:

    Finally, somebody who gets it! It’s not just the moves but the attitude! So
    many have the moves, but have expressions about as sexy as frolicking

  • Mubarak Malik says:

    great dancer ………

  • holdengr says:

    How did she get out of her bee-keeper suit?

  • kat wilson says:

    Shes not bad but nothing I haven’t seen others do or my mom like seriously
    drum solos are so boring cause theres only so many ways you can do them.(my
    mother is a professional belly dancer for over 20 years that was not a

  • Raymond Anderson says:

    Muscle group control extraordinaire….. Well done! Be grateful for your
    teacher and personal drive!

  • أكبرالي إقبالكريم says:

    wowwwwww awesome, i want to learn lolllllllllll 

  • Scarlet Black says:

    Her timing is some of the best that I’ve seen. It pays to know that music!

  • Queen D says:

    It comes so easy to her and to the beat of the music. Want to learn so bad

  • coyotedust says:

    I have never seen anything like that before. 

  • gatita28001 says:

    No baila mal la chica

  • angelorum says:

    diablo que buena esta esa mujer

  • Vyjebanakurva1000 says:

    …and now they force their women to wear those potato bags…


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