PART 3 I found some really nice videos on facebook and made a mix of it. This is how people nowadays dance on techno music. Thanks for watching!…
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24 Responses to Ultimate Techno Dance konijnendans Compilation – Rave and Shuffle

  • TheArrowmax says:

    3:15 GotSome ft. The Get Along Gang ‘Bassline’ (Friend Within Remix Edit)

  • Doge says:

    I didn’t came here for the dancing …

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  • TheArrowmax says:

    JAAA! heb dat nummer van die chick op 0:20
    Mark D Funktion – Call Me Fliss (Original Mix)

  • TheArrowmax says:

    I made a new compilation, better view on how to do this shuffle. Enjoy!
    Rave and Shuffle on Deep House / Techno – Konijnendans Compilation 2 

  • distrubedkirby12 says:

    i hope nobody believes this is shuffling..

  • Fabio F. says:

    whats the name of the dance which the left guy is dancing at 0:45 ? 🙂
    would be amazing if someone helped me :D

  • William Ludeña says:

    Why is this so difficult to do. Fuuck! Am I sooo STUPID? 

  • Juan Crerar says:

    For those asking about the first track (and for me the best track of all
    this compilation)
    Head High – It’s A Love Thing

    Head High aka Shed aka Wax aka WK7 ;)

  • Erin Faulkner says:

    Please stop calling this shit a techno dance! There ain’t no techno in the
    whole fucking video. Let me give you a bit of free advice from a seasoned
    dancer, quit trying to learn something someone else made up, wait for the
    music to move you. You will develop your own style that no one else can do
    and you will only get better over the years. Copying another style never
    works and you end up looking whack because you’re forcing it. By the way,
    y’all are off beat!!! Rule #1! Shit. 

  • holly shet says:

    The funny thing here is that I would fuck any, I mean ANY girl that happens
    to be in this video. All hotties.

  • Gonad Buster says:

    Shittest dance move in history. Fucking hipster mongs

  • Daniel Schutter says:

    wie heisst das lied ab 3:58

  • Barry Buddon says:

    Do they not realise they look like fucking morons?

  • FilippoB1311 says:

    what is the song and dance called at 2:56 

  • Vor Pike says:

    Can someone point out why this “dance” is remotely difficult, or is it not
    at all?

  • Kingpin Suited says:

    1:40 boss… I watched it 3 times and still don’t get how he does it.

  • John Smith says:

    Who are the creepy dickheads standing there with cameras recording other
    people having fun? Put your phone away and dance bitches!

  • Julien Garçon says:

    i’m sorry but this just looks like tap dancing.

  • Jas Virk says:

    What does konijnendans mean?

  • LSA Lmasd says:

    ♥es lebe der tanz ♥ macht immer Spaß die Leute zu Treffen wie im Video 😀
    einfach nur glücklich Tanzen ohne sich zu beweisen wie gut einer Tanzen
    kann..Dicker Daumen an die die auch meiner Meinung sind ….peace….

  • miguel gibilisco says:

    1:07 baila mounstro el mejor baile

  • ihartsteph says:

    im gonna attempt this, trip over my own feet and probably break my neck

  • Saint Liewehr says:

    hey guys … 1:20 ??? .. song name ? it sounds brooooootaaal

  • Rioleta Dulay says:

    Ultimate Techno Dance konijnendans Compilation – Rave and Shuffle: https


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